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The UK Will Stop Selling Gas-Powered Vehicles in 2030 According to Evan Hiesberger

Evan Hiesberger

Evan Hiesberger

According to Evan Hiesberger, The UK Will Stop Selling Gas-Powered Vehicles in 2030.

LAWRENCE, KS, UNITED STATES , February 16, 2021 / -- Evan Hiesberger details how the UK will stop selling gas-powered vehicles in 2030.

In a bid for zero emissions, the UK plans to stop all sales of petrol cars by the year 2030. This will make the UK the first of the G-7 nations to do so, according to Evan Hiesberger. The first step of the government's plan is for all new vehicles to have zero emissions coming out of the tailpipe from 2035 onward. “To do this, petrol cars have to go,” says Evan Hiesberger. “And zero-emission cars need to take their place,” says Evan Hiesberger.

Those vehicles that can drive long distances, such as hybrids, without emitting ozone-depleting waste are also likely to be sold, alongside full-electric cars. “The UK is putting up more charging stations throughout the country. It's there hope that the move to zero-emissions will decrease pollution in cities and towns and revive the economy,” says Evan Hiesberger. Right now, there has been over £1.8 billion allocated to the cause.

With so much focus on the shift to clean energy, it comes as no surprise the UK is taking these measures, according to Evan Hiesberger. Clean vehicles will do wonders for decreasing pollution in cities and towns, and we hope to see other countries adopt these same measures. In fact, the counties that are proposing or actively implementing a ban on gas-powered cars, trucks, and vans, include Japan, China, South Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, France, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Canada, the United States, Cabo Verde, Costa Rica, and Sri Lanka. “The more countries that adopt this ban, the better the health of our planet,” says Evan Hiesberger.

China is one country where pollution is a big problem. The air quality in China is so poor, it causes respiratory problems in residents. By taking green energy measures, countries like China and India, which are facing some of the worst pollution levels on the planet, can start the road to healing our planet. While more measures besides banning petrol cars will need to be taken to live zero-emissions lifestyles, this is a good start, according to Evan Hiesberger. From here we can look toward the Green New Deal, for example, to cut emissions down to nothing.

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