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The Social Bitcoin Donations platform brings this ancient honored tradition from China into the 21st century by making bitcoin donations fun, safe - and cool.

SAN FRANCISCO, UNITED STATES, February 16, 2021 / -- For centuries, people in China have celebrated Chinese New Year by giving each other hongbao (red envelopes) containing money to wish good luck and prosperity. This practice has extended to many neighboring Asian countries as well as to all Chinese people worldwide.

A pan-global technology company based in Stockholm with an international team combining Silicon Valley experience and the Scandinavian startup scene, is a membership-based bitcoin donations site that allows anyone to have a public personal page (like instagram and twitter) to receive bitcoin donations, bitcoin virtual gifts, and bitcoin hongbao.

Unlike general social networking platforms which allow virtual gift exchanges but keep all the money spent on these virtual gift icons, Payvik allows recipients to keep 100% of all bitcoin donations, bitcoin virtual gifts, and bitcoin hongbao. Donors can include a personal text/video message and amounts as little as $5 can be sent using the platform. Every single bitcoin donation is trackable on the blockchain network. No anonymous donations. No monkey business.

Payvik does NOT store any donated bitcoin but instead passes it through to the donee immediately upon blockchain network confirmation for safety and security.

Instead of taking a transaction fee on donated bitcoin, Payvik offers 3 Membership levels:

Free Membership:
- Generic donation buttons
- Text messages
- Individual donations capped at $25

Gold Membership:
- Photo donation buttons
- Virtual gifts
- Video messages
- Individual donations capped at $100

Platinum Membership
- Photo donation buttons
- Premium virtual gifts
- Video messages
- Ability to exchange bitcoin hongbao
- Individual donations capped at $1000

Here is an example of a Platinum Membership donation page:

Payvik also plans to allow Platinum Members to create and host online virtual parties to celebrate personal events (birthdays, graduations, promotions, marriages, divorces, etc.), sports events (Superbowl, March Madness, Wimbledon, Olympics, U.S. Open, World Cup, etc.), and major festive occasions (Mardi Gras, Carnival, Oktoberfest, Halloween, New Year's Eve, etc.) whereby party members can include video profiles, have real-time group chat, and send bitcoin tips to the party host/hostess.

Payvik will be ideal for many social media influencers and personalities who have a strong online fan and follower base as it allows the latter to send them bitcoin virtual gifts and bitcoin hongbao/tips along with personal messages - and the recipient keeps 100% of the donated bitcoin value. However, anyone with a social media presence (instagram, facebook, twitter, youtube, onlyfans, etc.) can sign up and get their free Payvik bitcoin donation page.

To celebrate the Chinese Year of the Ox - and in light of the negative economic impact that the Covid lockdowns have had worldwide, Payvik is pleased to announce a special Valentine's/Mardi Gras Hongbao gift by giving Free lifetime Platinum Membership upgrades to any person, business, or organization worldwide that signs up before Feb 27.

To receive your complimentary Free lifetime Platinum Membership upgrade, please sign up using this link:

Payvik's mission is to make bitcoin donations fun, safe, and social - in a cool way.

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