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We Want to Hear How Climate Science is Taught in Maine Classrooms 

Whether your students are exploring energy alternatives, their carbon footprint, how to protect ecosystems and water sources, sea level rise along the coast, warming in the Gulf of Maine, or mitigating health costs of Lyme, mosquito-borne illnesses and damage to Maine’s infrastructure, we want to hear from you!  

With the adoption of new science Maine Learning Results in 2019 (Next Generation Science Standards), the release of the Maine Climate Council’s Four-Year Plan for Climate Action in 2020, and a renewed focus on climate issues, we want to hear how Maine classrooms are addressing climate science. We are interested in school and community-based examples and innovative partnerships.  

Please forward any stories, examples, photos to with a subject line of “Climate Education” for the Department of Education (DOE) to highlight and share state-wide We are designing a website that will be populated with exemplars, resources, and networking opportunities across the state.  

As proposed in the Climate Council’s plan, the DOE is exploring the convening of stakeholders to “consider next steps to implement increased climate and career education. If you are interested in serving on a planning team to develop a state plan for climate education, please complete the form found at this link. 

Thank you for helping us to highlight and celebrate the important work you are doing! 

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