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While Kamala Gives Women Hope, TechMae Gives Women A Voice


TechMae is an app exclusively for women


TechMae is building a digital community based on positivity

TechMae, an exclusive new app built for women, creates an outlet for women to seek support and community as COVID-19 forces many into impossible situations

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, February 10, 2021 / -- TechMae is a new social networking app designed to empower women by providing a community of unity, connection, and support in real-time. The first mobile app of its kind, TechMae uses advanced facial recognition technology to keep their community a secure space for women on their platform. With Vice-President Kamala Harris sworn in, it only highlights where we are as women and how far we have to go. The timing of a community like TechMae is even more significant for women, especially now. With COVID-19 forcing women out of work, exacerbating depression, and making women more susceptible to domestic violence, the urgent need for meaningful connection and support is felt more than ever.

Unsurprisingly, the effects of the pandemic are disproportionately affecting the female population. According to UN Women, “Women are overrepresented in many of the industries hit hardest by COVID-19, such as food service, retail, and entertainment. For example, 40 percent of all employed women—510 million women globally—work in hard-hit sectors, compared to 36.6 percent of employed men.” The pandemic has exacerbated financial entanglement by causing increased job loss and unemployment, particularly among women of color…”

With these statistics in place, the call for women supported groups, companies, and organizations is louder than ever. COVID-19 has presented an entirely new set of challenges for women that none of us saw coming. As mothers struggle to feed their children and students struggle to pay their way through school, women have resorted to seeking other ways to make ends meet.

What women could benefit from on TechMae is the ability to learn from other women and space where they can find new opportunities. TechMae’s community is welcoming and non-judgmental, so women can find a safe space to seek support and encouragement for things ranging from healthcare to entrepreneurship. The community is designed to make the networking experience easy and accessible for women.

Pamela Hibbler and Vanessa Bishop-Moore developed TechMae because they recognized a gap in the industry for this type of space for women. They want to be at the forefront of helping to bridge the gap for diversity and inclusion for women.

“On TechMae we are building a positive community of consciousness for women, where we can join forces to make an impact,” says TechMae President and Co-Founder Vanessa Bishop-Moore.

Social networking apps can sometimes be a negative experience for women. Their vision for TechMae is to create a community of socially conscious women, where we showcase and support one another, gain inspiration and seek encouragement.

“TechMae isn’t about likes and follows. It’s about saying how you feel and having a non-judgemental community to support you,” says TechMae CEO and Co-Founder Pamela Hibbler. “Our community is a place where women can unite to find hope during the pandemic and beyond. We want women to feel a part of something bigger, feel safe, and be heard. That’s what it boils down to.”

Now that America has put its faith in electing a woman as Vice President, the potential progress women can make in these next few years is astronomical. Kamala Harris is giving women a voice and eloquently demonstrating just how much women and minorities are truly capable of achieving. However, there’s no reason to stop now. Now more than ever is the best time for women to come together with the help of TechMae and reclaim their power.

TechMae is available for download on the App Store and Google Playstore.
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