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Donald Dirren Offers Retirement Advice Outside of Finances

Donald Dirren Offers Retirement Advice Outside of Finances

PHOENIX, AZ, USA, February 10, 2021 / -- Your years in retirement are supposed to be golden. After a long career, you may have a house that’s been paid off and a sizable retirement investment account. Donald Dirren, a financial expert, helps many future retirees plan their finances. However, while Mr. Dirren knows that finances are essential, when it comes to retirement, other things are important too. That’s why he’s going to share some non-financial retirement tips.

“Of course you need to get your finances in order,” Donald Dirren says. “You want to save and invest enough to be able to live comfortably without having to work. That said, there are a lot of important retirement considerations outside of money.”

First, Donald Dirren suggests considering different climates and weather and then considering a relocation. This is especially true if you have a large, empty-nest family home you can sell for a profit.

“Downsizing is sometimes the right choice,” Don Dirren argues, “and if you do sell your home, you can consider relocating just about anywhere. A warmer climate may be easier on your body. While many retirees first think of Florida, I’d suggest looking at Texas, Alabama, South Carolina, and Arizona too. Some areas offer a lower cost of living.”

Donald Dirren also says retirees should consider traveling to other countries to broaden their horizons.

“If you can afford it, I recommend taking some long trips, especially in the early years of your retirement,” Donald Dirren says. “Spend the fall visiting the Mediterranean Sea, for example. The weather is often perfect. When winter arrives, you might travel through Central America or South East Asia. Seeing new cultures is an experience everyone should enjoy at some point.”

While traveling the world, you might even find a new country to settle in. Some countries, like Malaysia and Costa Rica, offer a lower cost of living, but you can still access many modern amenities and excellent healthcare.

“It may make sense to establish a second home in a country with a lower cost of living,” Donald Dirren says. “While exploring the world, see if any place piques your interest. Malaysia is a relatively developed country, for example, that offers great healthcare, stable politics, and a low cost of living.”

Donald Dirren Says Hobbies Are Important During Retirement Too
Retirement may seem like a dream at first. However, many people find themselves struggling with all the extra free time. Donald Dirren recommends picking up hobbies, such as crafts or reading.

“Many people will get bored with watching TV all day,” Don Dirren says. “So consider hobbies. I know some retirees who spend their days in the garage building bird houses and crafting other things. It’s a great way to occupy your time and to work your mind out. And heck, if you need money, you can often sell your crafts on the side.”

For Donald Dirren, reading is a favorite pastime.

“I love reading, and not just investment and financial books,” Donald Dirren says, “fiction is great too. Who knows, maybe when I retire, I’ll write a novel. And maybe you should too.”

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