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RapidRona Launches the First Completely At-Home Self-Collection Kit for COVID-19 with a 48 Hour Turnaround Time

Recently approved by the FDA under the EUA, RapidRona has a novel process for at-home sample collection and remote COVID-19 testing.

LONDON, UK, February 9, 2021 / -- RapidRona functions on the premise of minimising contact between individuals in an effort to stem the spread of COVID-19 while still offering timely and reliable testing. The Chicago-based company stands out as being the only one to offer a guarantee of a 48 hour turnaround. On 23rd of November, RapidRona’s Self-Collection Kit was approved by the FDA under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) as they meet the requirements to undertake complicated IVD tests from the samples collected from the self-collection at-home kit. The company works with a network of authorized laboratories, which are approved under the CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) and have validated the accuracy of their tests with the RapidRona kit materials.

With an experienced team of healthcare, science, and technology professionals who have worked together to develop a unique process, the novel way of testing is a combination of smart diagnostics and fast and effective sample collection which takes into consideration the way in which the virus spreads and needs to be stalled. The tests are covered for reimbursement by insurers and health plans under Federal law.

According to Heather Mlodinow, CEO, “We believe that information without speed is useless to fight the spread of SARS-CoV-2. Knowing if you are positive in as little amount of time as possible is exceptionally important. Finding out that you are negative a week after you take your sample adds little value, assuming you were isolating yourself that entire time. We essentially took every part of getting a test, taking a test, and receiving results, then thought ‘how do we make every part of this process easy, convenient, and fast?’”

With this in mind, the company uses the rt-PCR (real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction) to test for the virus. RapidRona uses this test because it is the gold standard for testing with an accuracy level of more than 95%. Most of the other tests which are used are significantly less reliable because they do not test for the actual viral genetic material- rather, they test for pieces that resemble its envelope (antigens) or effects which may have been caused by the virus (antibodies).

RapidRona’s test can be self-collected at home and the company gets a doctor’s requisition electronically on the patient’s behalf. This differentiates RapidRona from the majority of other services... Doctor’s appointments are costly - in both time and money, and avoiding one is exceptionally helpful to those who need to be tested.

After the client has conducted the test in the comfort of their own home, RapidRona picks up the sample from their house and gets the results reported online within 48-hours, guaranteed. RapidRona is the only company with these services. The contactless pick-up step is one of the most important, as it reduces exposure to others and guarantees that the sample gets to the right place, so that the client knows their health status within 48-hours. As many are aware, numerous tests involve a fairly painful manner of collecting the sample which involves deep nasopharyngeal ‘brain-tickling’ swabs. However, RapidRona doesn’t require this as only the tip of the Q-tip provided needs to be inserted into the nostrils - approximately half an inch.

RapidRona knows that the impact that the coronavirus has had on everyday life has been exceptional. However, this effect may be mitigated through the necessary precautions which can be undertaken by every individual. Through societal teamwork, the spread of COVID-19 may be minimised to a suitable extent. However, in order to accomplish this, it is important that everyone do what needs to be done - wear masks when out and about, isolate sufficiently if symptomatic, wash hands for more than 20 seconds, and ultimately, prevent unnecessary contact with individuals outside of the immediate household.

In order to get this test, visit where you’ll also have access to valuable information to keep yourself and those around you safe.

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