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Pact Renewables Seeking Partners for Commercialisation of its Zero Waste Cardboard to Resource Technology

Degradable agricultural pots, packaging beads and soil conditioners are some of the applications of zero waste cardboard technology. Other applications include media for odour control, composting amendments from food waste and nutritious garden pebbles

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, February 9, 2021 / -- World is facing the perils of climate change and is now at a crossroads. Whilst many countries are actively seeking pathways to renewable energies they are still pondering issues related to the nexus between sustainable management of solid waste and resource conservation.

If the results of latest surveys by World Bank (2) and The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) (3) are any indication, food and paper/cardboard waste together represent over 60% of global solid waste ending up in landfills or being incinerated. Considering that these are pre-Covid-19 survey results, and the substantial increase in the usage of cardboard boxes for transport of food during Covid lockdowns, and for delivery of millions of Covid vaccine packages, it is highly likely that waste cardboard generation would be even greater now. Now, more than ever, there is an overwhelming need for sustainable waste cardboard solutions (1).

One technology company that actively pursues tangible solutions for various solid, liquid, and gaseous waste streams is Pact Renewables Pty Ltd (1) of Sydney, Australia. The company’s waste cardboard solutions are based on the principle of incorporating dry-pulped cardboard in proprietary mineral-based binders for the manufacture of a range of degradable industrial products and consumer goods. At the end of their useful life these products and goods can be placed in the earth to degrade and provide soil nutrition, thus eliminating the need for landfilling or incineration (1). The precursor minerals for the binders can be sourced from low-cost and plentiful mineral deposits or recovered from saline waste streams, including replenishable reject brine from seawater desalination plants.

Dr Aharon Arakel, the director and chief technologist of Pact Renewables said, “Our technology-based waste cardboard solutions are tangible, scalable and can slot into existing cardboard manufacturing and solid waste processing operations. These solutions also offer other impactful outcomes to facilitate circular economy, such as resource conservation, in a global move towards responsible management of products’ end-of-life cycle costs. In fact, our technology has potential to become a game-changer enforcing design rethinking for many industrial products and consumer goods.”

Dr Arakel went on to conclude, “We have for the past 3 years drawn entirely from in-house resources and expertise of collaborators and have identified a number of high-volume market application areas with measurable impactful outcomes (1) for the benefit of industries, investors and communities. Recognising that the drivers of change in current practices and policies for sustainable management of paper and cardboard waste are no longer local, we now seek strategic partners to accelerate commercialisation of our breakthrough technology through piloting and public demonstration of targeted application areas. We hope that incoming partners will possess a powerful voice, complementary resources and a commitment to guide and support our efforts in the global rollout of our sustainable technology.

About Pact Renewables

Pact Renewables is a private technology company with a business focus on developing sustainable technologies and degradable composites with demonstrable impactful outcomes. The Company is at the forefront of waste-to-products technologies for value adding and waste minimisation. Based in Sydney, Australia, Pact Renewables is actively participating in eco-innovation as a pillar of sustainable development by leveraging its IP capital and technical expertise for pursuing technology commercialisation opportunities through partnership arrangements.

2 World Bank,

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