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Deadline Approaches to File Claim for Consumer Refund in Monat Global Corp. Action

Attorney General Ashley Moody News Release

Deadline Approaches to File Claim for Consumer Refund in Monat Global Corp. Action

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.—Attorney General Ashley Moody is urging eligible consumers to claim monetary refunds from Monat Global Corp. before the fast approaching deadline. Refunds are available as a result of action taken by Attorney General Moody’s Consumer Protection Division regarding the cosmetics company, Monat, involving allegations of deceptive and unfair trade practices. As a result of the action, refunds may be available for consumers who were misled by the company’s advertising and marketing practices. Eligible consumers must submit claims to the Florida Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division by Feb. 13.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “Consumers deserve, and should expect, full transparency from businesses when purchasing any product or service. It is extremely frustrating and unacceptable for businesses to exploit consumers through calculated deceptive advertising and dubious sales tactics. I am proud of my Consumer Protection Team for securing refunds for the many consumers who were impacted by this company’s practices.

“If you believe you were a victim of a deceptive or unfair business practice by Monat, I encourage you to contact my office before the Feb. 13 deadline. You may be eligible for a refund.”

Attorney General Moody’s Consumer Protection Division investigated Monat based on allegations that the company offered consumers a discount on normal retail prices and free shipping, without clearly disclosing the requirement that consumers make numerous additional purchases over a certain dollar threshold in order to retain the deals. The investigation also included allegations that the company falsely and deceptively advertised the effectiveness of its beauty products, claiming the products to be clinically proven to produce desired results. The investigation uncovered that the company allegedly falsely advertised that many of the products did not contain certain ingredients, including polyethylene glycol, petrochemicals, sulfates, harmful fragrances and gluten, and that the beauty products were 100% vegan.

Due to Attorney General Moody’s Consumer Protection Division action, Monat has agreed to refund eligible consumers that purchased certain products from the company between June 1, 2014 and Aug. 17, 2020; and who also submit a refund request with the Florida Attorney General’s Office postmarked by Feb. 13.

To access the refund request form, click here.

To meet eligibility, a refund request must include the following information:
  • The consumer’s name;
  • Sufficient information to identify the consumer’s purchase, such as the account number or proof of purchase;
  • Reason for requesting a refund;
  • Proof of returning the product for which a refund is sought, or if the product was not returned, an explanation declared under penalty of perjury of why the product could not be returned; and
  • A brief explanation as to how the consumer was misled or otherwise harmed in a transaction with Monat.
IMPORTANT: Consumers who submitted complaints with the Attorney General’s Office previously will need to complete the linked refund request form to be eligible for any refunds still outstanding. Consumers must submit the refund request form postmarked by Feb. 13.