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Douglas Dohrman Discusses Important Information About Downs Syndrome and COVID-19

Douglas Dohrman Discusses Important Information About Downs Syndrome and COVID-19

COLLEGE STATION, TX, UNITED STATES, February 3, 2021 / -- Douglas Dohrman, a Neuroscientist and father of a child with Down’s Syndrome, shares information he says every parent caring for a child with downs syndrome needs to know. 

The COVID-19 has been challenging for everyone. However, people who live with learning disabilities like Down’s Syndrome, have been especially hard hit by the virus. Douglas Dohrman says that there are a number of things parents, and caregivers of people with Down’s Syndrome need to know.

Douglas Dohrman says that one of the greatest challenges that befall people who have Down’s Syndrome is isolation. “COVID-19 has what is viewed as a very serious issue in the universe of those who care for people with Down’s Syndrome and made it far worse. Children and adults with the disorder often feel isolated. Some because they recognize they are different, and others for a host of other reasons. Having to socially distance from their friends has further exacerbated feelings of isolation.”, Douglas Dohrman said.

The wearing of masks is another challenge for the caregivers of people with learning disabilities according to Douglas Dohrman. “There are a lot of parents and caregivers that are having a difficult time convincing both the kids and the adults they care for they need to wear personal protective equipment like masks. One reason is due to the fact that they don’t fully understand the reason why they are needed. The other reason has to do with the restriction of normal airflow, and the inability to see the faces of those they are most familiar with.”, Douglas Dohrman, said.

"The need for those who care for people who have Down’s Syndrome to follow CDC guidelines as well as those from the WHO (World Health Organization) is critical from a health and neuroscience standpoint." Douglas Dohrman said.

“There is one thing that the media has not placed as much attention on as I would like for them to, and that is the toll COVID-19 has taken on the community of those with Down’s. People need to understand that persons with Down’s are five times more susceptible to be admitted to a hospital if infected with COVID-19 than those without the disorder. In addition to that troubling statistic, in comparison to the general population, people with Down’s are 10 times more likely to die from the virus.”, Douglas Dohrman explained.

Creating an environment that is safe and reassuring for those who have Down’s Syndrome is extremely important. “We have to do everything we can to protect those with Down’s from COVID-19. Their risk is heightened due to their susceptibility to catching upper respiratory infections. Creating an environment that represents a sense of normalcy goes a long way in regard to giving them the level of comfort they need to wear masks, wash their hands, and stay away from others.”, Douglas Dohrman said.

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