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UReach Joins the Foxconn Technology Group’s MIH Alliance- Electric Vehicles

UReach among other exclusive companies to join MIH alliance.

UReach among other exclusive companies to join MIH alliance.

The famous PCIe and USB 3.0 series duplicators.

The famous PCIe and USB 3.0 series duplicators.

UReach company logo

UReach company logo

Ureach is One of the Exclusive Companies to Join Foxconn's MIH Electric Vehicle Group

CHINO, CA, USA, January 22, 2021 / -- UReach Inc. announced that it has officially joined the MIH Alliance, an open platform for electric vehicles established by Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., and has signed the contract. With 20 years of experience, UReach specializes in the design and production of stable, high-speed data solution equipment, with a competitive product portfolio which includes duplication, inspection, sanitization and covers Flash, HDD and M.2 PCI-E SSDs. Its well-known brand “UReach” has been marketed worldwide, and its data equipment has been adopted by many leading manufacturers and companies in the semiconductor IC design field, electronic foundries, hard disk drive manufacturers, government and military institutions, and film production and entertainment industries. To date, UReach has become the designated supplier for many semiconductor IC design factories.

Foxconn’s MIH Alliance continues to grow with more than 400 companies on board, including leading manufacturers and companies such as MediaTek, Sunplus, Phison, Delta, Lite-On, Qualcomm, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, and many others. Among these companies, many currently use UReach's data processing equipment and have long-term business relationships.

The mission of MIH Open Platform Alliance is to facilitate cooperation in the electric vehicle sector, develop new technologies, establish testing and certification standards, build an ecosystem of software/hardware components for electric vehicles, and bring alliance members together to expedite the development cycle of the electric vehicle industry.
UReach Inc. is confident that its competitive capabilities in data processing coupled with its proven track record in providing high speed, high compatibility, and accurate data replication can meet the high standards of many leading companies across Asia, China, the US, and Europe. UReach is optimistic in helping the EV industry to cope with the more demanding data process requirement in the future and will continue to offer high-speed, high-quality, high-precision, high-compatibility data equipment.

According to UReach Inc., high speed and stability will be the basic requirements for the emerging electric vehicle ecosystem. In the future, electric vehicles could become a mobile computer equipped with intelligent navigation, multimedia entertainment, third-party services, and auto-driving multi-function vehicle. The volume and speed for EV data processing will require higher standards in handling massive amounts of data, UReach is confident in helping MIH partners to meet future needs.

UReach has remarkable breakthroughs in data equipment R&D innovations, for example, UReach has led forward in developing the world's first NVMe M.2 SSD duplicator in 2017 when the market was still dominated by SATA, and UReach introduced the first NVMe and SATA dual-signal, auto-identification duplicator to the market.

Nowadays, M.2 SSDs have become extremely popular as the market share continues to grow. The comprehensive variety of product portfolios cover all kinds of M.2 SSD duplicators; UReach offers various choices to suit the needs of many different industries, such as industrial computers, PC manufacturers, media, government and military institutions, medical centers, schools, and financial institutions.

With more than 20 years of experience in R&D, UReach has mastered the competitive technologies of data processing and software/hardware integration. The cutting edge native-signal duplicators predominate competitors and improve data accuracy and compatibility of cross-system data duplication.
As we embrace the new era of AIoT, 5G, and AI, the high-quality data processing equipment which can handle huge volume data with high speed, high compatibility and accuracy will be the dominant power to win the future games.

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About UReach Inc.
Established in 2002, UReach focuses on the design and production of stable, high-speed data processing equipment. UReach developed the unique "Daisy Chain" technology, which can achieve high-speed, synchronous duplication with several targets and without speed degradation. In 2008, UReach established its own brand to market globally, and in 2010, flash duplicator sales reached number one worldwide. By 2015, our HDD duplicators were receiving praise and being implemented by electronic manufacturers, government agencies, cinema industries, hard disk manufacturers and IC companies. Nowadays, UReach has developed over 15 popular product lines including Flash Media, HDDs, and PCl-E SSDs.

In 2019, UReach officially launched the USB2.0 / 3.0 signal detection and copy function, which was unanimously appreciated by users in the market. Synchronous automatic signal detection with a large amount of USB 2.0 / 3.0 flash drives can be completed in only 3 seconds, thus immensely improving work efficiency. In addition, with the more versatile PCIe NVMe series M.2 duplicator, the original field of engineering verification and mass production have enabled more market applications. With excellent technology and efficiency, the UReach brand has been continuously adopted into more facets in recent years.

UReach has vast distribution networks and business partners stationed all over the world that provide global support and services. It has set up seven branches around the world, providing a global technical support center (Technological Support Center). With a global customer service system, UReach offers real-time service to multinational companies.

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