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New Zealand offers 100 percent pure and authentic Tahi Manuka honey.

/EIN News/ -- PALM BEACH, FL, Jan. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- New Zealand’s highly sought after Manuka Honey continues to grow in popularity.

Consumers in America and around the globe are buying this natural superfood because of its high nutritional content, low-fat content, and use in traditional healing remedies in many cultures. In part, this may be driven by new research from Oxford University, showing that honey is even more active than previously thought.1

The challenge for consumers, however, is recognizing authentic, 100% pure Manuka honey brands amongst a flood of counterfeit brands.

“Tahi Manuka honey is as natural, pure, and authentic as honey can get,” says Suzan Craig, founder and director of Tahi honey in New Zealand. “Tahi honey carries the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) seal of approval, the global standard that measures Manuka honey’s purity and quality. In fact, Tahi Manuka honey has a UMF rating of up to 23.

Manuka honey comes from bees that pollinate the native Manuka bush in New Zealand. The difference between Manuka honey and other varieties is its high methylglyoxal concentration, its major antibacterial component.

“We don’t add water, sugar, corn syrup or chemicals,” says Suzan, adding that Tahi’s biodiversity-positive honey is not genetically modified or engineered, and is fully traceable to source. “When Tahi says our honey is pure, we mean pure.”

As well as producing honey, Tahi is an award-winning, sustainability-led and ecologically-conscious nature sanctuary and eco-retreat based in Northland, New Zealand. 100% of profits from every jar of Tahi honey goes directly towards Tahi’s community, culture, and conservation projects.  Tahi honey varieties available on include:

  • Tahi Forest Honey MGO 40+, a delicious mix of native New Zealand flowers ( including Manuka) that’s ideal for everyday eating and cooking.
  • Tahi Kanuka Honey is smooth, aromatic with a sweet, crisp, and delicate floral taste.
  • Beelicious Honey MGO 40+ is sweet, creamy, and tasty with subtle flavors of native forest flowers, including Manuka. 1NZD from the sale of each jar of Beelicious honey goes towards Tahi’s BeeFriends Program, an environmental education program for local schools in New Zealand.
  • Tahi Manuka Multifloral Honey MGO 80+, which has a sweet, smooth, and mildly tangy taste.
  • A range of Tahi UMF Manuka honeys, certified as authentic New Zealand Manuka honey, containing all the unique and natural properties that make Manuka honey popular worldwide.

For more information about Tahi, visit or

* Oxford University study, August 2020: honey beats antibiotics and other over-the-counter medications for relieving coughs, sore throats, and colds.


Robert Grant