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Zolo: Celebrate National Pie Day with the top pie pick for your state

CANADA, January 20, 2021 / -- This Saturday January 23, 2021 is National Pie Day. To help you celebrate, Zolo crunched data from Baker’s Journal and the Tenderflake surveys to find out the top pie pick in each state. Surprise! It’s not apple pie!

This Saturday January 23, 2021 is National Pie Day. As an annual celebration, National Pie Day is the one day fans of fruit pies, cream pies, savory pies (or those that love them all) can throw their diet out the window and indulge, just a little.

According to Zolo, a popular national real estate marketplace, where you live dictates your pie preference.

While apple pie and pumpkin pie tend to get the most attention, turns out these sweet treats aren’t the top pie choices for many North Americans.

Almost 1 in 4 (24%) would choose a custard or cream pie, while 23% of North Americans would prefer a meat pie over a sweet pie. In fact, apple pie and pumpkin pie are at the bottom of the list for North Americans, with only 5% and 2%, respectively, ranking them in the best pie spot.

America: Favorite pie state by state
To increase the chance of digging into the best slice of pie on National Pie Day, Zolo analyzed data from the Tenderflake surveys and from Baker’s Journal to compile a list of the most popular pie in each state.


● Alabama: Buttermilk pie
● Alaska: Shepherd’s pie
● Arizona: Lemon meringue pie
● Arkansas: Buttermilk pie
● California: Mud pie
● Colorado: Spaghetti pie
● Connecticut: Chicken pot pie
● Delaware: Shepherd’s pie
● Washington, D.C.: Pecan pie
● Florida: Key lime pie
● Georgia: Buttermilk pie
● Hawaii: Haupia pie
● Idaho: Strawberry pie
● Illinois: French silk pie
● Indiana: Peanut butter pie
● Iowa: Coconut cream pie
● Kansas: Cheeseburger pie
● Kentucky: Peanut butter pie
● Louisiana: Crawfish pie
● Maine: Chicken pot pie
● Maryland: Pumpkin pie
● Massachusetts: Ricotta pie
● Michigan: Cheeseburger pie
● Minnesota: French silk pie
● Mississippi: Buttermilk pie
● Missouri: Coconut cream pie

● Montana: Chicken pot pie
● Nebraska: Cherry pie
● Nevada: Shepherd’s pie
● New Hampshire: Chicken pot pie
● New Jersey: Tomato pie
● New Mexico: Pecan pie
● New York: Chicken pot pie
● North Carolina: Sweet potato pie
● North Dakota: Chocolate pie
● Ohio: Peanut butter pie
● Oklahoma: Chocolate pie
● Oregon: Strawberry rhubarb pie
● Pennsylvania: Tomato pie
● Rhode Island: Cheeseburger pie
● South Carolina: Tomato pie
● South Dakota: Apple pie
● Tennessee: Buttermilk pie
● Texas: Millionaire pie
● Utah: Banana cream pie
● Vermont: Chicken pot pie
● Virginia: Butterscotch pie
● Washington: Banana cream pie
● West Virginia: Peanut butter pie
● Wisconsin: French silk pie
● Wyoming: Shepherd’s pie

A little history of National Pie Day
Traditionally celebrated on January 23rd of each year, National Pie Day began in the mid-'70s in Boulder, Colorado when Charlie Papazian, a local brewer who also happened to be a trained nuclear engineer and teacher declared the day National Pie Day in order to celebrate his own birthday! At first, it was just a way for locals to hang out, eat good food and celebrate with friends. Then, in 1986, the American Pie Council jumped on board and decided to make it official — declaring the day National Pie Day, which is now celebrated across North America.

While pie-lovers will tell you that you don't need a special holiday to enjoy pie, it certainly helps if you decide to go looking for a sweet or savory slice this Saturday January 23, 2021.

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