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The Ugly Truth; We Need Social Distance Compliance

The Economy Will Not Survive Without It

Business leaders have to take responsibility for their space. Managing space is more than placing foot markers and signage, it is making sure customers and employees are safe. This is not negotiable.”
— Edward Henry
NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 19, 2021 / -- The future of our businesses and the economy depends on the choices that we make today. Instead of continuing lockdown measures, consistent social distance control plans need to be addressed and enforced as mandatory regulations for all businesses and the public to follow. The overall costs to businesses, government, health care, and our social health are rising due to continuous shutdowns. Inconsistent and reactive planning has also resulted in frustration from the public and a lack of trust in the government. We seem to be going backward, so if there is a strict focus on Social Distance Compliance, we will have a better chance of slowly rebuilding our economy to what it was pre-pandemic.

Businesses have attempted to adapt by providing alternative ways for their customers to shop, such as contactless curbside pickup, delivery, and other virtual services. These have all been costly adjustments, and unfortunately, many businesses have had to make tough decisions to layoff additional employees and even permanently close their doors. With the constant closures and openings, companies do not have the chance to rebuild what they once had. The American and Canadian governments also have economic response plans to support citizens and businesses by releasing funding to qualified applicants. The CARES Act to help American households, and the Canada Emergency Response Benefits (CERB) includes funding to support those employed or self-employed. Millions of dollars have been put towards these relief funds as the economy is worsening.

We have also relied heavily on our healthcare system and cannot measure our appreciation. Hospitals and frontline workers have spent an immense amount of time and money to do their best to help patients diagnosed with COVID-19, along with other illnesses. Whether it’s working longer hours or bringing in more PPE and emergency equipment, on and off lockdowns and a lack of Social Distance Compliance has taken an extreme toll on our healthcare system. Ongoing lockdowns have also harmed our social and mental health, especially for those who live alone or cannot see their loved ones. With the added financial stress, and some with no capabilities to communicate utilizing virtual applications, our overall health diminishes, impacting an already overburdened healthcare system. It is a never-ending cycle that needs to be addressed.

Confusion in regulations and with our economy on the brink of defeat, the public becomes frustrated, restless, and loses trust in their government as strict essential business classifications continue. We can see the social temperature rising on social media platforms for “No More Lockdowns” and the anger that has been created from a lack of control plans and reactive behavior. The pandemic will last even longer with the continuing need for firm health measures if we do not immediately address the importance of Social Distance Compliance and how it can bring back a sense of normalcy and a restart to the economy.

Current deficiencies need to be addressed now so that the pandemic can end with the necessary innovation and preparation in the case of another health crisis. If businesses do not acknowledge the significance of Social Distance Compliance, lockdowns will continue as a way to address any future epidemics or pandemics. Social Distance Management sees the damaging affect on businesses due to lockdowns and insufficient measures. Absolute consistency in Social Distance Compliance is the solution for businesses to reopen, stay open, and rebuild their success.

Please join Social Distance Management on February 9, 2021, for a day we call All Business is Essential Day. In this online event, we will discuss the importance of keeping all businesses essential while implementing social distance protocols, so our economy can survive and move forward.

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