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The Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on HVAC Companies and Service Businesses

It seems there is a big hope for Covid-19 pandemic vaccine, since there are 5-8 vaccines already used on humans and there are some countries where residents...

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, January 16, 2021 / -- It seems there is a big hope for Covid-19 pandemic vaccine, since there are 5-8 vaccines already used on humans and there are some countries where residents already give the vaccine to over 50% of residents.

The Covid-19 pandemic did affect many businesses in the USA specially in big cities or towns, it did not affect small countryside small towns as it hit big cities such as: Chicago, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and more.

In the last visit to downtown Chicago, parking can be available almost anywhere in streets, when visiting one of the busiest buildings in Downtown Chicago, over 75% of businesses are closed, when seeing that realized how hard the situation is.

By start talking to business owners and understand what is going on, many businesses are suffering and some already out of business.
There are 5 major categories for economy crisis:
1. Factories
2. Retail Stores
3. Service Business
4. Food Business
5. Transportation Business

Factories: factories hit hard, but many could survive since they can work with limited people, if a factory was operating 8 or 12 hours a day, it can extend hours for 16 or more which can give some the opportunity to use pandemic as a benefit since there is a lot of government stimulus and help for individuals and businesses.

Retail Stores: for many of them it is really bad and many already out of business, for the online stores such Amazon, Walmart, Target and big stores it is simple: booming.

Service Businesses: the majority of service businesses have been affected very hard from Covid-19 pandemic, since many businesses such as: HVAC companies, plumbing companies, constructions rely on supplies stores to have parts or equipment replacement such as drain pumps or heating equipment as of gas furnaces replacements, since a lot of factories have been limited with number of employees, its effect directly services businesses.

Food Businesses: for food it has to be two categories, A: food factories and B: restaurant and eat-in places. For factories it can be the same as the above description, there are some ideas to continue being in business or even make profit, for dine-in and restaurant it can still be the same if run with smart management, many restaurants and dine-in already triple income by using takeout and delivery service.

Transportation: for almost every tracking business the situation is booming, double, triple income and more, it's more for trucking owner operators and self-employees who really want to work.

Spoked to HVAC contractors Des Plaines, IL and was told economy is very bad, people scared to replace HVAC systems due to the unknown situation and it hard to HVAC companies such as Any Season Heating & Cooling to fine HVAC systems available as it was before, as well spoked to semi-truck owner operator and situation seem to be great, work none stop and very good pay.

Conclusion: for many businesses it is hard to survive, but it is possible and smart management can use Covid-19 pandemic as profit not lost if managed in a smart way.

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