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Barbara Gallen of Inspired Action Coaching & Consulting to be Featured on Close Up Radio

LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2021 / -- Leaders lead countries, communities, companies, and organizations. That’s why exceptional CEO’s, managers, and entrepreneurs are essential. But whether you believe leaders are born or made, hiring a qualified Executive Coach can help leaders continually develop, improve, and optimize their performance and the performance of their teams. A coach will help you change your trajectory towards a brighter future both personally and professionally. Increasing the long-term success of your company or nonprofit organization.

Barbara is an experienced coach, consultant and owner of Inspired Action Coaching and Consulting.

“My coaching is focused on helping individuals and executives identify and align first with their core values and to their most authentic selves,” says Barbara. “The closer leaders and team members are aligned with their values and beliefs, the better they can tap into their potential, support the work they are doing, and achieve their purpose with deep-seated passion.”

Looking inward helps leaders create self-awareness, allowing them to maximize their strengths and mitigate their shortcomings. This, in turn, inspires other team members to recognize that their own goals are achievable.

Before becoming a coach, Barbara spent many enjoyable and lucrative years working with nonprofits, and organizations. When she was suddenly faced with unexpected tragedies including the loss of her beloved dog, the passing of her mom, and the end of her three-year relationship with her partner, she began to lose all sense of purpose. That’s when she turned to a life coach for guidance. The coaching experience deeply impacted her and she knew it was what she was meant to do. Barbara’s life experience has allowed her to relatable to clients on a deeper level and combined with her years of consulting work, has put her at the forefront of coaching with positive and sustainable results. Today she works with individuals, leaders and teams and is on a mission to help you create your best life, greatest career and business success.

In her coaching sessions, Barbara helps clients see what lights them up as the path to their true purpose. This process of self-discovery allows them to be more energized and more genuinely self-aware. With her support clients can develop their unique vision, which points them towards genuine success.

“Good leaders are visionaries, they inspire others, possess emotional Intelligence and create a more productive and satisfying workplace for all employees.”

According to Barbara, exceptional leaders work for the greater good of society and this is strongly reflected in their work. Because when people can trust their leaders, even in the most challenging times, like the pandemic, their resolve does not waver. The best leaders help organizations navigate challenging times by increasing people’s ability to respond more securely, collaborate and innovate, even in a time of upheaval or overwhelming tragedy. These qualities will be vital for our next stage of human development on the planet.

“These unprecedented times have taught us that if an organization, a business or a community has solid leadership they can advocate and reach out for essential resources that go beyond dollars and cents,” says Barbara. “That is the value of focusing on great leadership.”

“During these unprecedented, challenging times with the pandemic, racial and economic inequities, and the climate crisis, we need to recognize that old, outdated systems are being swept away to make room for something more authentic, equitable, thriving and sustainable. Now is the time for people to join together and to make a difference. My mission is to help that happen.”

Close Up Radio will feature Barbara Gallen in an interview with Jim Masters on Wednesday January 13th at 10 a.m. EST

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