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Juniper Days puts a new spin on play-based learning, open-ended toys and early childhood development

Marissa Denig Palatas

Marissa Denig has just launched a new online store, Juniper Days,a children’s toys and learning tools store ideal for children, parents, teachers and caregivers

LA, USA, January 9, 2021 / -- Unlike regular online children’s toy stores, owner Marissa Denig takes the time to personally curate every play object and learning tool offered on her store with one goal in mind: creating an environment for children that facilitates exploration, curiosity, hands-on learning, problem solving, creativity and confidence. In other words an environment that supports the ‘whole child’, emotionally, academically and developmentally.

All toys and learning tools offered on Juniper Days are specifically geared toward developing a child’s mind and body. The store categorizes its toys and learning tools under five main headings, Play, Learn, Move, Create and Read and have a host of products to match each category. Customers can browse through the different play objects and learning tools in each category to find those best suited for the type of play and learning environments they want to create for their children.

Customers can also very easily navigate the different categories by browsing through various subcategories. If parents or caregivers want to encourage learning, Juniper Days offers products related to English and languages arts, science and mathematics and also social and emotional development. If parents want to stimulate curiosity and creativity, they sell various art materials, craft supplies and musical instruments. Juniper Days also caters to parents, teachers and caregivers by offering a variety of useful reading material regarding early childhood development and the power of play in learning.

When asked why she established Juniper Days, Marissa Denig said “As a mother and having worked in the child care and education field for more than 10 years now, I wanted to make it easier for parents, teachers and caregivers to find fun, empowering and scientifically-backed play objects and learning tools so that they can create an environment that supports their children through every aspect of development”.

Using her experience as an early childhood consultant and infant and toddler specialist, as well as her extensive research on early childhood development, Marissa Denig took up the RIE® approach and the Reggio Emilia approach in her curation of the play objects and learning tools.

The Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE®) approach is based on the idea that parents and caregivers should have respect for even the youngest of infants while the Reggio Emilia approach, a student-centered and constructivist self-guided curriculum aimed at preschool and primary education, is based on the idea of self-directed experiential learning in relationship-based environments. The RIE® approach and the Reggio Emilia approach are both vital components of Marissa Denig’s curatorship of the products she decides to place on Juniper Days.

While most online children’s toy stores have a section of products dedicated to promoting learning and development, Marissa Denig has taken it up a notch with the products offered on Juniper Days. Every play object and learning tool is mindfully and intentionally handpicked to stimulate play-based learning and natural gross motor development through the encouraged use of open-ended toys that foster imagination and expression.

Marissa Denig cares about the younger generation and the world they will grow up in, which is why Juniper Days partnered with Ecologi and The Eden Project. Together they are committed to planting one tree for every order placed on Juniper Days in an effort to tackle the climate crisis. Juniper Days also offers free shipping to all customers located within the contiguous United States to increase their chances of planting more trees.

Juniper Days
Juniper Days is an ecommerce children's toys and learning tools store specifically tailored to help parents, teachers and caregivers create an environment that supports the ‘whole child’ with the use of open-ended toys that promote continuous learning. Creator and owner, Marissa Denig curates every play object and learning tool sold on Juniper Days to guarantee the safety, the quality and the scientific backing of Juniper Days products. Marissa Denig worked as an early childhood consultant and infant specialist for high-profile clients in Los Angeles and conducted extensive research on early childhood development before launching Juniper Days.

For customer enquiries, please contact:

Marissa Denig Palatas
Juniper Days
+1 616-287-2986