Calling The Biden-Harris Team To Take Action On The Fact That America Is The Land Of The Emotionally Challenged.

Wisdom Education is Brain Health Education; Where Wisdom Land is a Start...

Our Education System Has Cutting Edge Mind Education While Brain Education Is Under the radar Screen.

Are you your pure self or your phony self-image?

Use your mind/'I' to heal your brain.

Brain Education Is At The Door. Please Embrace It.

Emotionally Healthy Brain Generates Emotional Intelligence.

Each and every cabinet secretary needs to address the missing emotional health factor in their department's efforts to optimize their areas of responsibility.

Biden-Harris have the opportunity to transform America into an emotional health superpower. They need to create an independent cabinet-level department of emotional health with a heavyweight leader.”
— Sajid Khan
WILMINGTON, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES, January 10, 2021 / -- The Biden-Harris Team's #1 focus has to be on emotional health.

Please bring this to their kind attention. Every cabinet secretary must address the fact that the emotional health factor is needed to optimize their department.

Urgent action is needed to heal not just the current divide; we need to stop our declining social standards. We need to create a thriving America powered by emotional health.

We live in an American world order based on America being the land of the emotionally challenged. We are certainly not the land of the free when it comes to our own fundamental freedom factor. We are slaves of our emotionally challenged self-images that project overconfidence and superiority about ourselves and our groups. We are as tribal as they come. We are as divided as ever. This division does not extend just to the group, class, creed, gender, race, culture, and economics; it extends to the individual's own mind and brain divide.

Social standards are a direct reflection of brain education, and our social standards compared to other countries are around #20 and are falling further. The cause of this decline is even though we are #1 in mind education in brain education, which has never been measured, we are probably #20 or even less. Our emotionally challenged brains are responsible for the emotional chaos that causes all the ills of society, including these divisions between groups.
The actual impact of emotionally challenged brains extends into downgrading every aspect of life. It causes trillion dollars of damage. 50% of Americans struggle to make ends meet. It is because even though they make good money with their well-educated minds, they spend it with their miseducated brains.

Emotional health being messed up means American society is messed up.

Along with our declining social standards, our biggest strength, our $ is also gradually going down. Urgent action is needed.

The Biden-Harris administration has the opportunity to get rid of all these social ills by focusing on emotional health.

Yes, with Trump gone and the vaccines coming, things are going to get better. But given the way things are, if Trump's base stays energized, another Trump will rise, and as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow, we will be faced with COVID 20 and then COVID 21. Life's actual nature has changed dramatically, and the world will have to make equally drastic changes. We need not just to manage and control life. We need to develop the abilities to master life. Instead of reacting to viruses, we should prepare our bodies to squash them on contact. We need a new template to prepare our bodies, minds, and brains. We need to optimize our emotional, social, economic, relationship, happiness, and physical health.
Let's start with creating Public Figure Standards (PFS). Subject all contestants to a PFS test, and only those passing with flying colors allowed to compete. If someone like Trump slips through and shows signs of insanity, then remove them without impeaching.

Let's create a super vaccine that will strengthen our immune system.

Let's make physical, mental, and emotional (brain) exercises mandatory.

Let's create healthy eating standards.

Let's create standards for masks and outside tents.

Let's train all students to optimize their professional expertise and their savings and investing know-how.

Let's create a universal cryptocurrency that all nations and individuals can have access to.

Let's train America to ignore spin and sizzle and go all out for substance and steak.

Let's stop building phony overconfidence in our children.

Let's stop building phony trophy self-images and start building pure selves.

We not only keep our huge human potential locked up; we pollute it. Let's unlock it and optimize it.

Let's focus on building life instead of destroying life.

Let's address the growing pandemic of sex addiction.

Let's create a new profession of upbringing inspectors and coaches.

Let's create Brain Therapy professionals.

The world order is currently based on ignorance and emotionally challenged standards. We need to switch to EHS.

Along with mindfulness, let's mandate #brainfulness.

I have already proposed Emotional Health Standards (EHS) that will optimize all the above actions.



All this mess in society. This craziness, the abuse, the prejudice, the unhappiness, the drug addictions, the sleeplessness, etc., all stem from emotionally challenged brains. Everything has been and is being tried to fix these ills except focusing on healing the emotionally challenged brains. Today Emotional Intelligence Education is considered the solution. Emotional Intelligence is the scientific term for wisdom, and it is just as impossible to create. The focus has to shift to Emotional Health.

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