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Iceland’s Pure Natura Brings Whole Food Supplements to America

Freeze-Dried Nutritious Dietary Supplements Come From Iceland’s Ancestral Nature

/EIN News/ -- PALM BEACH, FL, Dec. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The modern diet, which contains a lot of processed foods, lacks the nutrition the body needs.

To feed your body properly, Pure Natura, an Icelandic health and wellness company, urges people to go back in time when their ancestors ate nutrient-dense organ meat.

Organ meat is extremely rich in B-vitamins, minerals, vitamins A, D, E, and K. Compared to the traditional muscle meat that Americans eat today, most organ meat, which also provides all nine essential amino acids, is more nutritious.

“Organ meat, which our grandmothers and great-grandmothers cooked, provided our ancestors with an excellent source of protein, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients,” said Hildur Magnusdottir, CEO of Pure Natura, which is located in the northwestern part of Iceland in the beautiful fjord Skagafjordur.

Now, Pure Natura of Iceland plans to bring its freeze-dried whole food supplements made from Icelandic lamb organ meat to America.

“Our freeze-dried whole food supplements provide all the nutrition of organ meats to people, who do not have access to such food or don’t want to eat them for lunch or dinner,” Magnusdottir said.

Throughout history, many cultures consumed organ meat and glands because of their health benefits.

“But modern society no longer has a connection to its ancestral diet,” Magnusdottir said. “Pure Natura’s whole food supplements build on the foundation of our ancestors’ traditional food.”

Pure Natura's raw whole food supplements differ from other brands on the market because it uses Icelandic free-roaming lamb and wild-harvested herbs. It is the only ovine (lamb) organ supplement on the market.

“We use pure, wild raised Icelandic lambs that receive nourishment from grass, berries, and arctic herbs found in Iceland’s unspoiled landscape,” she said.

“Because we freeze-dry our supplements, you can safely eat raw liver and organ meat and get all the nutrition they provide,” she said.

Pure Natura plans to bring the following supplements to America:

  • LIVER, which is Pure Natura’s flagship supplement, is freeze-dried Icelandic lamb liver or “nature’s multi-vitamin,” as many people call it.
  • DETOX, which supports detoxification pathways and overall health, contains hand-picked Icelandic herbs, such as dandelion root, birch leaves, and Angelica seeds.
  • BALANCE, which is the perfect supplement for overall heart health and athletic performance, contains freeze-dried Icelandic lamb hearts, yarrow, birch leaves, Rhodiola Rosea, and chamomile. BALANCE is packed with CoQ10 for mitochondrial support, adaptogenic herbs, and other crucial nutrients for optimal health and performance.
  • POWER, which is the ultimate supplement for CEOs and white-collar workers who need relief from a stressful lifestyle, is packed with nutrients from freeze-dried lamb liver and hearts and adaptogenic herbs like Rhodiola Rosea.

Pure Natura whole food supplements are free from growth-promoting antibiotics and growth hormones. Iceland prohibits GMO feed for lambs.

“For people who want or need a more nutritious diet, turn back the clocks to when your ancestors’ dinners included organ meat,” Magnusdottir said. “To get healthy, look to your ancestors.”

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Robert Grant
Pure Natura