After Local Nudge, 'CBS This Morning' Adds Cleveland Temperature to Its Weather Chart: Lucky Star

Screen shot of Cleveland's new temperature slot

Overlooked for years in favor of smaller cities like Westport, CT, and Myrtle Beach, S.C., Cleveland temp will now be included in the show's 7:15 scroll.

CLEVELAND, OHIO, UNITED STATES, December 29, 2020 / -- After being overlooked for years in favor of cities much smaller in size, the city of Cleveland, Ohio is finally being listed in the 50-city temperature chart that the daily news show “CBS This Morning” runs every weekday at 7:15 a.m.

Cleveland, which has a population of 384,000, had been overshadowed by cities like Ft. Myers, (pop. 82,000); Myrtle Beach (pop. 36,000), Santa Fe, (pop. 84,000) and even tiny Westport, CT., (pop. 28,000), all of which were included in the daily feed when Cleveland was not.

Cleveland had also been beaten out by rival Ohio city, Columbus, which has a slightly higher population as a metro area. Now both Ohio cities are included.

“Obviously, I have no idea what they're thinking at the national level,” emailed Jason Nicholas, lead meteorologist at Cleveland’s CBS affiliate WOIO, when first alerted to the situation. “Columbus is a larger city than Cleveland and it’s the state capitol. And, Santa Fe and Myrtle Beach are big tourist destinations.”

The issue was first raised last week by Cleveland writer and public relations consultant Jeff Barge, a daily viewer of “CBS This Morning.”

"I had noticed that the show was throwing shade on Cleveland by not including it despite its size and importance, and on Dec. 17th I finally emailed the heads of the local CBS affiliate WOIO to see what they can do about it."

Barge emailed WOIO news director Ian Rubin and WOIO General Manager Erik Schrader to see if Cleveland could be added to the list. The next day, Erik Schrader emailed back, saying he had contacted the national headquarters about this to see if anything could be done and they were open to looking into it.

On Dec. 24th, Barge received an email from Schrader, along with a screen shot showing that on Dec. 24 at 7:19 a.m., Cleveland had for the first time been included in the “CBS This Morning” temperature list.

“The temperature was included on Christmas as well, and on Saturday’s “CBS This Saturday" the show included some shots of the big snowfall in Cleveland. It looks like Cleveland is on the CBS weather map for good.”

Why had tiny Westport ad Myrtle Beach beaten out Cleveland for so long? “Some CBS executives must have lived in Westport, which is a very wealthy suburb of New York,” speculated Barge.”And Myrtle Beach has a famously aggressive marketing and advertising team.”

Through the Linked-In networking site, Barge had also contacted “CBS This Morning” producer Deanna Fry, who had also promised to investigate.

“What this demonstrates is that if you speak up, your individual voice can still be heard,” says Barge, who is president of Cleveland's Lucky Star Communications. “You don’t have to do a dance on Tik Tok to get some action – although that definitely helps!” Barge does not yet have a platform on Tik Tok, though he says it is something he is “looking into” for any future disputes.

Often overlooked, Cleveland, located on the shores of Lake Erie and known for its affordable housing, is the home to three major league sports teams: the Cleveland Cavaliers in basketball, the soon-to-be renamed Cleveland Indians in baseball, and the Cleveland Browns in football.

It is the home to the world-renowned Cleveland Orchestra and the Cleveland Museum of Art; the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; and has the largest live theater district in the country outside of New York City.

On the down side, the city has the highest child poverty rate in the nation, a stubborn problem that local politicians such as Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, Sen. Sherrod Brown, and Rep. Marcia Fudge have been unwilling to effectively confront for decades.

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