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Honduras Travel and the Beautiful Bay Island of Roatan

Honduras Travel Destinations Off the Beaten Path and Away from Tourist Traps at the Bay Islands

LA CEIBA, HONDURAS , December 29, 2020 / -- Introduction to Honduras Travel

Honduras is a great place to visit with warm weather and sunny beaches. There are plenty of quiet out of places for a relaxing vacation and there are club markets available during Honduras vacations for the more outgoing personalities. Unfortunately, some such spots can be a bit of a tourist trap and/or overcrowded?. For a more local and intimate experience within the Honduras community, the Bay Islands and Roatan are exciting places to visit which are a bit off the beaten path with fewer guests and more seclusion and privacy available if desired while still having plenty of great activities designed to prevent boredom from “too much relaxation,” if that isn't an oxymoron. Although there are some biosecurity measures in place as well as required COVID-19 testing, it might be a great place to make up missed vacation time and celebrate when the vaccine, anticipated to be out next spring just in time for a summer trip, becomes available.

Roatan as a Destination during Honduras Travel Itineraries

Roatan is an island located just north of mainland Honduras. It's only about 48 miles long and 5 miles wide and is part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. The island of Roatan has a municipality also called Roatan in the southwest portion of the island and another municipality, Jose Santos Guardiola to the east. Often considered a secret location, a guest to Roatan is going to find themselves surrounded by friendly locals and the most discerning of travelers. The people are known as islanders with a mix of the Caribbean and mainland Honduras cultures. They welcome guests with wonderful food, comfortable hotels, apartments, or cabins, and gorgeous natural landscapes.

Fun Activities during Honduras Travel in Roatan

The first thing to understand about Honduras travel in Roatan is how pricing is well below what might normally be called “reasonable.” Planned activities are inexpensive compared to other destinations, and can include many of the things expected at other Caribbean destinations. Hiking in natural park areas, swimming and SCUBA diving, jet ski rentals, zip lines, parasailing, underwater scooters, and guided boat tours are a few common activities that can intersperse between days of beaches, shopping, or relaxation by staying in.

Honduras Travel to the Bay Islands

Roatan is actually the capital of the Bay Islands, which includes the islands of Utila and Guanaja. Other small groups of islands include Cayos Cochinos to the south. Those islands feature many of the same cultures and opportunities as Roatan but are slightly smaller in terms of size and size and less developed when referring to infrastructure. These islands can be a great destination for people who are really adventurous and want to get even further off the beaten path and away from any semblance of tourist traps.

Typical Weather To Expect during your Honduras Travel in Roatan

The Bay Islands and Roatan are technically Caribbean Islands, so there is rain and storms at certain times of the year, but they are close to the Central American mainland and sheltered somewhat from Atlantic Ocean weather by the outermost Caribbean. It's far enough south to remain warm year-round, but also has the ocean breeze to provide relief from the tropical weather. Different people have different expectations and preferences about the weather they might enjoy on a vacation, so it's best to discuss the topic with a travel agent when planning the trip and determine the best time to go based on when the weather is most attractive or when the most (or least) other visitors are going to be there.

Other Opportunities with Roatan and Honduras Travel

For the intellectual tourist, Roatan hosts a marine park and institute of marine science. The facilities conduct education and research on the coral reefs and marine life in the Gulf of Mexico. The island isn't visited only by international tourists, students of marine biology visit as well for learning and conservation projects. There is a rich history, the original inhabitants were Mayan, Christopher Columbus visited the area on his fourth trip to the Americas, and although the English came to the area it remained under Spanish control until ceded to Honduras on July 5th of 1850.

Final Thoughts about Traveling to Honduras

There are potential miscreants willing to take advantage of tourists, however, Honduras is a safe place to visit with a few basic common-sense measures. Roatan and the other Bay Islands are exceptionally safe, as they are small communities in which people are aware of their surroundings. The weather is amazing, the people are amazing, and the culture offers great opportunities for fun and excitement whether the trip is intended as a once in a lifetime adventure or becomes an annual vacation destination.

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