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Vince Imhoff, Managing Director of Imhoff & Associates, on George Gascón's Changes To LA District Attorney's Office

Vincent Imhoff

Imhoff & Associates

"The people of Los Angeles are thirsty for the reforms. I commend his first steps in making those reforms a reality."

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, February 2, 2021 / -- George Gascón, the newly sworn-in Los Angeles District Attorney, used his inaugural speech to present himself as a transformational force and unveil sweeping reforms to the most populous county in California's criminal justice system. Gascón is a retired Los Angeles Police Department officer who now runs the largest district attorney's office in the country. He said in a series of tweets that the experiences he endured 40 years ago as a young officer remained with him. His commitment to reform of criminal justice was also influenced by them. Among the amendments, several of which came into force on Tuesday, call for an end to the death penalty, to stop most use of cash bail for misdemeanor non-serious or non-violent criminal crimes, and to prioritize cases of frustration of prisoners serving disproportionate prison sentences.

Gascon's new reforms have been applauded by many in the field including renown criminal attorney, Vince Imhoff. "I think the changes ushered in by the new District Attorney, George Gascon are an excellent first step in LA District Attorneys office reform," states Vince Imhoff. "I believe the moratorium on seeking the death penalty and bail reform are just the beginning of examining how justice is dispensed in the City of Angeles."

Gascon also called for a Board of Force Review Use. He said the review board will include civil rights attorneys, community representatives and police experts to review deadly use-of-force law enforcement incidents dating back to 2012. As the Los Angeles Times points out, many see Gascón's actions as a departure from his predecessor, Jackie Lacey, who was said to be an unnecessarily harsh district attorney by critics.

Gascón is one of the recently elected district attorneys nationally who are working to make good on campaign promises to make significant improvements to the local justice systems. "The people of Los Angeles are thirsty for the reforms demanded by BLM and espoused by Candidate Gascon. I commend his first steps in making those reforms a reality," concludes Vince Imhoff.


Vince Imhoff

Originally from Chicago, Vince Imhoff is admitted to practice law in Illinois, California, and Pennsylvania. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Lewis University and earned his JD from the Illinois Institute of Technology/Chicago-Kent College of Law in 1989. From 1990 to 1997, Imhoff was a Cook County, Illinois Public Defender (Chicago). In 1997, he entered private practice as a solo practitioner.

In 2003, Imhoff founded Imhoff & Associates, PC. In 2005, he became the Managing Director of The Cochran Firm, Criminal Defense section. After Mr. Cochran passed away, Imhoff re-established Imhoff & Associates, PC and left the Cochran Firm.

From 2000 through 2002, Imhoff was the assistant coach for the trial team at Loyola University of Chicago, School of Law. He is currently a member of the State Bar of California, State Bar of Illinois and the State Bar of Pennsylvania. He is also a member of the California Public Defenders Association, Santa Monica Bar Association (Treasurer 2012-2014, Board Member 2008-2014), Lesbian Gay Lawyers Association (Secretary 2009-2011, Board Member 2009-2015), San Bernardino County Bar, San Fernando Valley Bar Association, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ), and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL).

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