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The Post-Declaration of Independence Thomas Paine to Run For President of the United States in 2024 as an (i)ndependent

USA, December 18, 2020 / -- Stephen Warren Thompson of Birmingham, Alabama, (fight hate groups—Google: “Robert E. Lee, Patriot to the End”) who penned the tremendously persuasive document which asserts that the very symbol of the Confederacy and so many hate groups was actually an infiltrator working for the United States during The Civil War, is running for President as an (i)ndependent in 2024. (Without going into the obvious facts that have Thompson’s work appearing to be a Marilyn Monroe wink-in regarding their origins, you can scan Thompson’s current place in history at )

The Thompson campaign is centered on (1) expanded basic rights for American citizens featuring guaranteed, on demand modern basics such as a sheltered room, food, two outfits, basic toiletries, cable television found at distribution centers—all of this managed primarily by huge corporations such as Nike in exchange for huge tax cuts. The distribution centers would also feature healthcare, a tremendous presence by law enforcement, and an always open identification center which deals with all issues regarding citizenship.(2) very heavy taxation of the rich with native Americans being substantial beneficiaries and the middle class via a tax cut, (3) self-driving vehicles, (4) all things arts including public schools for kids who prefer to study the arts (5) reform—Thompson has his hair on fire, and (6)a solution to all things immigration where everyone wishing to enter the United States travels to a gargantuan 75-day waiting facility on property hopefully owned by friend Mexico.

Today, the Thompson campaign, is beginning that role as reformer. The Thompson campaign is asking The University of Oklahoma, The University of Southern California, and the NCAA to launch an investigation into the motive(s) and the nature of any actions that were taken by the NCAA that could have resulted in any outcome that could have been associated with the reaction to the NCAA vacating the Trojans’ victory over the Sooners which stripped a Coaches’ Poll championship trophy from completely innocent in the situation, University of Oklahoma campus, versus opting for a forfeit as a punishment. It is the belief of the Thompson campaign that the trophy was stolen in a diabolical plot, including a cover-up by the NCAA. And Michigan is owed a men’s basketball trophy—fruit of a poisonous tree. (See more: Stephen Thompson can be reached by phone: 205-908-8749, e-mail: or at 2016 Brook Highland Ridge, Birmingham, AL 35242

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