How to Turn Your Law Firm’s Email List into Revenue?

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WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, USA, December 17, 2020 / -- Email is the “best-kept secret” when it comes to marketing your law firm. Now, we all hate spam, right? So, you might be asking yourself, how can email marketing be effective when it is so often equated with spam that no one reads?

Well, the secret is in the approach. If you inundate everyone on your email list with lots of content, lots of news alerts (that usually include far too many exclamation points!!!), lots of newsletters, and lots of pitches, then you should expect to get lots of “unsubscribe” notices, and maybe a negative hit to your firm’s reputation as well.

However, if you are careful, targeted, smart, and strategic in your approach to your email campaigns, then you will likely hit the all-important goals of any business:

1. Letting people know your brand;
2. Building a good reputation;
3. Establishing your firm as an expert in a particular area of the law; and
4. Staying on top-of-mind for past, current, and potential clients.

Accordingly, in this article, we will talk about how to build and organize your law firm’s email lists so that you can appropriately target your email energy to maximum advantage.

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Building and Organizing Your Email Lists

In previous blog posts, we have talked about the kinds of email campaigns you could launch, including newsletters and drip campaigns. The next question becomes: Who do I send the emails to?

The email marketing strategy that you decide to use will dictate what types of email lists you will ultimately build. Here, however, we are going to look at a few options and discuss which campaigns are most suited for those lists.

List #1 – Past and Current Clients

1. Benefits and Getting Started

One email list that is a “must-have” for any law firm is a list of current and past clients. This group is very valuable to your firm.

First of all, they are people with whom you have already worked. They know you, they know your work, and they trust you. In fact, this group is most likely to refer you to other people because they have had first-hand experience working with you.

Also, you already have complete contact information for the people in this group. You can easily go to your Outlook or other email program and pull these contacts into a list (if you haven’t already). In fact, if you have time now, you may want to just take all those individuals in your email contacts and pull them into a spreadsheet with their names and email addresses.

2. Best Kind of Email Campaign for this List

With regard to the type of email campaign that is best for your past and current client list, you want to direct an e-newsletter their way. The reason is that the goal you are focusing on here is staying top-of-mind for your past and current clients. They will be the most likely to refer you to other potential clients. So, a newsletter – once a month, or once a quarter (not too frequently) – is a solid way to give a little update on the firm’s most recent news, blog articles, personnel changes, and successes.

In fact, if you handle more than one main practice area, you could separate your client list by practice area, so you newsletter can be more targeted by specialization.

List #2 – Prospects!

No law firm can compete in the marketplace unless it is able to generate new leads as much as possible. But how can you use email to reach out to prospects? The best way is through a drip campaign.

Say that you got a name and email address during a networking event, or from a “lead magnet” such as online users downloading an e-book your law firm’s website. Then, you can automate a drip campaign that will be a series of email “touches” spread out once every few days, which gently encourage potential clients to consider using your firm’s services. Of course, the approach will depend on the type of practice. An employment law firm can stand to take the long-term approach, by contacting the prospect over a long period of time.

However, most people who reach out to a criminal defense firm likely have an imminent need for representation. Thus, the drip campaign contacts can be during a relatively shorter period of time.

List #3 – Peers and Other Sources of Referrals

After you practice for some time, you will have acquired a drawer-full of business cards of lawyer colleagues. Put that information to use by creating an email list of them.

Some lawyers will be in the same area of the law, but not your particular specialty, so they don’t see you as competition. If you add them to your newsletter campaign, you may find that your referral numbers will improve. Lots of times a bad lead for one lawyer is a great money-making lead for another.

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