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Patrick Windley Discusses Digital Products and How They Have Changed the Way We Shop Online

Patrick Windley Discusses Digital Products and How They Have Changed the Way We Shop Online

Patrick Windley Discusses Digital Products and How They Have Changed the Way We Shop Online

Digital product manager Patrick Windley discusses digital products and how they have changed the way consumers shop

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, December 14, 2020 / -- The last few years have seen the development of an entirely new set of products for consumers to purchase. These products can't be physically seen or touched, but they do have price tags, and they do serve purposes. Digital products are items that are sold online that you never actually hold in your hand, such as e-books, streamable files, videos, PDFs, and more.

Digital product manager Patrick Windley explains that digital products are becoming more and more popular, completely changing the way consumers buy items.

"Consumers are no longer only shopping for clothing or objects they can use in-person," Patrick Windley says. "They're also buying products they can use online, on your smartphones, and through other digital outlets, and someday, these product purchases may surpass traditional ones."

Patrick Windley explains that there are numerous benefits to selling digital products. He describes how sellers and consumers enjoy fewer overhead costs, higher profit margins, and products that can be more flexible in terms of payment. Patrick Windley says another major advantage is that customers seem happier, because they only have to wait seconds or minutes to receive their digital products.

For consumers, purchasing products means instant gratification, which is something society is becoming more and more accustomed to over the years. It also means more flexible payment, such as lower monthly subscriptions instead of one-time payments. Patrick Windley describes that customers enjoy the savings they experience when not having to pay shipping or tax on many items.

"Purchasing a movie online means you can view it almost instantly and for a drastically lower price," Patrick Windley says. "Shopping for digital products means you get your item right away and without shipping and handling fees."

The rise of digital product shopping certainly means a downfall in music stores, movie rental facilities, and other brick-and-mortar establishments that once sold items that are now digital. However, it also means customers save the time and money in gas and resources they would have used to reach their destination, shop, and head home with a product.

Many consumers miss the hands-on experience of shopping for items that are now digital, but according to Patrick Windley and other digital product experts, the savings and conveniences outweigh the downfalls.

"We know the hands-on experience of shopping is something many people love," Patrick Windley says. "But we're not eliminating all hands-on shopping by promoting digital products. We're simply making a handful of items more convenient and affordable to buy. There are certainly still many, many items consumers need to be able to physically touch and own."

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