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Bayon Distillery - 2020 Cambodia Coffee Season

Kouprey of Mondulkiri Cambodia

Cascara & Coffee Beans

Rattana Em & Coffee Crew !

Despite COVID coffee season picking goes on ! Co-owner Rattana Em and his group of 13 coffee pickers in Mondulkiri Province - December 2020

Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime ....”
— Help Us Help Cambodia

MONDUL KIRI, MONDULKIRI PROVINCE, CAMBODIA, December 14, 2020 / -- Bayon Distillery is out in force for the 2020 coffee season in Mondulkiri Province - the heart of Cambodian coffee.

With recent medals for the coffee cherry, or Cascara (Bronze Medal 2018) and our Mondulkiri Coffee Liqueurs (Bronze Medal 2019) we aren't going to let a world pandemic end the year. Rattana Em led a team of 13 other coffee pickers to process nearly 300 kilograms of beans (notice that Rattana is the one without the mask - for photo purposes only !).

The ripe red beans are run through a coffee husker which pulls off the outer fruit (cascara). This is then processed with rum and hibiscus flowers grown on our farm to make our world class Cascara Liqueur. Bayon Distillery was the first distillery to bring Cascara Liqueur (legally, at least !) into the U.S.

The separated raw (green) coffee beans are then processed, dried, and then stored in our fermentation room - which is kept cool and dry. Our first coffee liqueur - Mondulkiri Coffee Liqueur - won a Bronze medal. This year though, we are upping the ante - and producing our brand new Kouprey Coffee Liqueur. Among other additions, it is very lightly spiced with cinnamon from Vietnam, and a vanilla extract we make from vanilla beans grown in Indonesia !

Strict limitations on visits have limited cases of COVID in Cambodia (only 359 cases as of 12/13/2020 and - 0 - deaths), but has made it extremely difficult and expensive to visit. But we heartily welcome guests when the borders reopen.

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Kouprey - Cambodia's National Animal