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U.K. Approves A Vaccine: Are Physicians Willing to Take It?

Poll of Physicians on G-Med

Over 70% of Physicians from 70 Countries Trust Pfizer's New Vaccine, 16% Don't

UNITED KINGDOM, December 3, 2020 / -- With the news yesterday that the U.K. approved the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine based on mRNA technology, physicians began to discuss the news on G-Med, a physicians-only platform for medical crowdsourcing. Within hours, close to 3,000 physicians shared their willingness – or reluctance – to vaccinate themselves and their families.

Over 70% of physicians are willing to receive the new vaccine. Just over 15% remain undecided.

Among physicians, there is also concerns over the vaccine. Close to 13% are not willing to take the new Pfizer vaccine.

In the less than 24 hours since the news was made public, 3,000 physicians from 70 countries have shared their views on G-Med. We will continue to update as responses keep rising and American physicians begin sharing their views.

Featured quotes from physicians include:

For the Vaccine:

"As a medical doctor who is also high risk, I will definitely take the vaccine and recommend my family members do the same." -Germany

"As a doctor, I am ready to be vaccinated and lead by example." – France

"I will take the vaccine immediately. Not taking it is crazy crazy crazy!" -Italy

"Thank you to the doctors and researchers for doing their best to get us the vaccine so soon. God bless you." -Mexico

Against the Vaccine:

"Too rushed, too pushed, no valid safety test. While COVID-19 may be a nasty virus, it is not reason to risk everyone else's safety with this vaccine." -Netherlands

"I do not believe in the current evidence of the safety of the vaccine and I do not believe in the figures for severe COVID-19 disease and mortality. I prefer to observe while taking basic, precautionary measures against infection." -Colombia

"The vaccine seems unnecessary, premature and adventurous." – France

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