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Real Estate Investor Pongee Barnes on the Future of Child Entrepreneurship

For the fourth consecutive year, "Entrepreneurship" has been cited as the most popular career choice for American teens.

DARIEN, IL, UNITED STATES, December 2, 2020 / -- CHICAGO, IL Entrepreneurial means confident, positive, creative, resourceful, and resilient. An entrepreneurial person is someone who is faced with a problem and works out the solution. Their convictions rally a tribe and their ideas pick up momentum. An entrepreneurial person makes their own decisions and never forgets they always have choices. An entrepreneurial person doesn’t need to be an entrepreneur.

Now picture this entrepreneurial trait in a 9-year-old.

Who doesn’t want their children to be independent and successful? The truth is that the traditional model of getting a university degree followed by a stable job and a steady progression up the career ladder doesn’t always happen these days. Students are graduating from top universities and struggling for months (or even years) to find a decent job. How can we help young people cope in this harsh environment? The answer is to teach kids about entrepreneurship early on so that they can create their own opportunities when the time comes.

Pongee Barnes, a Chicago mom, and real estate investor have created the formula to prepare children for entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship turns children into leaders. It transforms them into employers rather than employees and helps them create successful, independent lives through purposeful enterprise. It gives children viable options to earn a decent living in a crowded, harsh world.

Barnes opened her children’s book company, “Little Owners” in 2019; her books teach children about entrepreneurship and financial literacy. The books are comprised of mainly black characters to inspire children to pursue entrepreneurship careers. My books are written from the perspective of Black Wall Street.

"I’m passionate about educating the youth on the importance of entrepreneurship and financial literacy. I started my book series “Little Owners” because I saw a gap in the education system. The children, especially in our community, needed to be exposed to the information that could change the trajectory of their lives and generations to come. It is my goal to get these books into every urban school district in the country" said the Chicago native.

For a limited time, Little Owners is offering $10 off by using code: MERRY on the website,

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