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Appliance Recycling in Atlanta: what YOU need to know?

Scrap Metal Recycling in Atlanta

Scrap Metal Recycling

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, December 1, 2020 / -- Owning a business can mean replacing items frequently. Those who own restaurants, offices, etc., know that appliances can be a hassle to get rid of. Consider recycling your old appliances this time around instead of just throwing them away. When you recycle appliances, the metal goes into producing new materials instead of ending up in a landfill. Fulton Metals Recycling is a full-service scrap metal recycling center located in the Atlanta, Georgia area. They deal with commercial recycling, making this a quick and easy option to recycle old appliances.

Recycling Metal From Your Old Appliances

The majority of metals are recyclable. This includes iron, steel, aluminum, copper, and more. Appliances are usually made of a combination of these metals, making most recyclable. Some examples of metals that are not recyclable are uranium and plutonium. Now, the average person will probably never come in contact with these types of metals. They are referred to as radioactive metals, and usually, only scientists, military engineers, or physicists deal with them. So, you can assume your appliances are fit for recycling - refrigerators, stoves, ovens, food processors, mixers, slicers, microwaves - you name it!

Benefits of Appliance Recycling

There are a lot of benefits to recycling your old business appliances. For one, recycling uses much less energy than producing raw materials. When you recycle, you are taking a lot of strain off of the mining industry. Mining decreases the earth's already low metal recourses. Metal can be reused forever, so recycling helps preserve those recourses with just as high of quality. Additionally, recycling metals costs far less than mining new ones. When it costs less to manufacture products, the price for consumer products is less as well.

Recycling prevents old items from ending up in a landfill, ultimately protecting the environment. Landfills can produce harmful CO2 gasses that lead to global warming. They also pollute soil, leading to unsafe drinking water.

Finally, mining uses much more energy than recycling. When mining takes place, it produces harmful emissions. Not only is recycling a clean and safe alternative, but it also saves energy.

Profits from Appliance Recycling

Believe it or not, you can even make a profit by recycling! The majority of recycling services will pay for your old materials and offer a complimentary pickup, saving a lot of time and hassle. The amount you will receive will depend on the day. Since the metal exchange rate varies daily, your payment amount is based on the day you sell.

Owning a business can have a lot of upfront costs. When profiting from recycling old appliances, it is a great opportunity to put money towards new ones. Offsetting costs is yet another added benefit to recycling. A sure win-win!


Overall, recycling your old appliances is a smart choice. Big machines can be bulky and heavy to handle. With a simple pickup process, appliance recycling has never been easier. You'll make room for new ones, make some money, and help the environment. Don't be so quick to leave your old appliances on the curb, recycle them today!

Mike Sateika
Fulton Metals Recycling
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