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Clover Country Announces the Launch of a Social Ecosystem for an Equitable Future

Anyone can help to change the look of the future - an equitable future.

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, November 30, 2020 / -- “The world post COVID-19 will be different – and perhaps better. The global pandemic has been widespread and disruptive. Lockdowns and travel restrictions will lead to a deep and prolonged global recession. The crisis highlighted increased economic inequality and the need for stronger safety nets,” Chief Patrick, founder of Clover Country, said.

Clover Country is a social ecosystem that aims to transform people’s lives in an equitable future through technology, AI, and blockchain innovations.

Clover Country is a digital nation built for 100 million global citizens.

Its sole purpose is to democratise wealth and to empower the citizens to do good, better; in Clover’s social impact initiatives of humanitarian, environment, digital health, digital education and charities.

Clover CLV is the official social impact currency of Clover Country.

Clover CLV aims to be the 21st-century store-of-value that is non-speculative and appreciates persistently for the benefit of Clover citizens. Clover CLV is quoted exclusively on Clover’s own digital asset exchange, The Clover Marketplace, which operates under the license number FVR001060 with the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit.

“The future of currency is Clover CLV. Clover Country has set aside $10 million of CLV in the Agape wallet earmarked to donate to Clover’s social impact initiatives of the citizen’s choice,” Chief Patrick said.

Citizens can also donate their CLV to the five social impact initiatives of Clover Country; humanitarian, environment, digital healthcare, digital education and charities.

Clover Trusts collectively act as the de-facto central bank for Clover CLV to ensure currency stability and the gradual appreciation of CLV as a store-of-value.

“100 billion CLV are digitally-minted. 20% will be distributed to Clover citizens in an equitable manner. 80% are earmarked as Clover Reserve Assets where the proceeds will be invested in physical gold bullion, owned by Clover Trusts, for the benefit of Clover Country and its citizens,” explained Chief Patrick.

The entire governance of Clover Country will be in the hands of its citizens.

Every Clover citizen has an equitable say and the ability to make a social impact through voting rights on blockchain.

Chief Patrick commented, “The Clover Story started on September 9, 2019 where the CLV/USD was first priced at $1.0000; and it is currently trading above $1.1800 at The Clover Marketplace.”

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