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Solar Company in Las Cruces, New Mexico Water & Electric Announces Home Battery Backup Installations

New Mexico Water & Electric

New Mexico Water & Electric

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 27, 2020 / -- The leading solar installation company in Las Cruces, New Mexico Water & Electric has introduced Home Battery Backup Installations as homeowners’ energy solution to prevent blackouts and attain power self-sufficiency.

This development means that homeowners with solar panels can potentially save more on electricity bills with home battery backups that get recharged in the daytime using energy from the sun, and can fully power a home when the sun goes down.

A solar system working in conjunction with home battery backup offers homeowners far more functionality than a system operating without such additional power. A solar system is usually designed to generate more power than the home will need. Any power not used in the home while the sun is shining is sent into the grid. However, with home battery backups, some of the power that would have been sent into the grid gets captured and stored for later use. -

“The batteries are designed to store the extra solar power generated by the solar systems and help users reduce their dependence on big electric companies. They also allow for rate arbitrage where users can use energy from their batteries when utility companies charge premium or peak rates,” said Yanett Garcia, Marketing Manager for New Mexico Water & Electric

Home battery backups are simply the ideal solution for Las Cruces homeowners looking to sever their connection to the national electric grid and reduce downtime even during a power outage.

"While there may be other backup options for homes, they greatly differ in their power sources. Solar backup batteries provide power without generating greenhouse gas emissions. They are more reliable, cleaner, and quieter." Garcia added.

Additionally, while homeowners can find rebates and incentives for their solar panel installations, batteries are also eligible for the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). The ITC allows for a deduction of currently 26% off battery investments from federal taxes. This credit will be available through 2020, but the percentage will ramp down in 2021 to 22%. Starting in 2022, the ITC will drop exponentially to 10%. If you want to guarantee your 26% ITC, you should move forward with your solar project in 2020.

Homeowners looking to install a battery backup for their home or business should keep in mind that working with a local company solar installation company makes for additional benefits. New Mexico Water & Electric offers everything solar, electrical, and water well related, and has got you covered on all related installations.

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