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Dr. Chad Tackett: Apollos Administrator, Faculty Member, Avid Skateboarder

Dedicating my life to facilitating education is how I believe I can help the world the most.”
— Dr. Chad Tackett
GREAT FALLS, MONTANA, UNITED STATES, November 23, 2020 / -- Dr. Chad Tackett joined Apollos as a faculty member in 2019 after completing his Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) at Northcentral University in 2017. More recently, Apollos University welcomed Dr. Tackett onto the administrative staff in October 2020 as the Director of Registrar and Academic Scheduling. As an individual who champions education as “the most important thing in the world for our economy and society,” Dr. Tackett sees his role as a professor and now as a university administrator as key ways that he is doing his part to ensure that others have the same opportunities that he enjoyed. According to Dr. Tackett, “dedicating my life to facilitating education is how I believe I can help the world the most.”

Over the years, Dr. Tackett has worn many hats and gained many credentials along the way. He has worked as an admissions advisor for other proprietary universities, has served the front lines of education as a P-12 substitute teacher, and has honed his marketing and sales skills as a sales consultant. Beyond these professions, Dr. Tackett holds certificates in education, admissions practices, a medical examiners DOT license, OHSA, OHSA Construction, and most recently a certificate in higher education accreditation standards and practices.

In the classroom, Dr. Tackett brings all of these experiences into his engagement with students along with an enthusiasm for learning and knowledge transfer that is second to none. Dr. Tackett has already proven that he brings this same level of enthusiasm to his new role as an Apollos administrator and has jumped right in and taken ownership of various tasks and projects. Tackett also brings a wealth of knowledge relating to admissions and personal selling and he is sharing his experience with the admissions team by leading role-playing and skills-building exercises during our staff and team-building meetings.

Of his time with Apollos, Dr. Tackett remarked, “I have never met a nicer group of people that share the same passion for education as me”

As a father of five and an avid skateboarder, Dr. Tackett describes himself as a “100% family man, 100% skateboarder.” Beyond skateboarding, though, he enjoys hiking, swimming, and hanging out at the local playgrounds with his children and fiancé.

It is with great pleasure, then, that we at Apollos introduce Dr. Chad Tackett to our growing team. We are excited about the level of expertise, professionalism, and energy that he brings to our online classrooms and now to our administrative functions. Thank you to Dr. Tackett and welcome to the head of the herd!

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