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Master Clinical Hypnotherapist Helen Basinger to be Featured on Close Up Radio

KEY WEST, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 20, 2020 / -- We are all susceptible to being unconsciously programmed by the people and events around us. We’re mesmerized by our phones and hypnotized by the hours glued to our televisions and computers.

When we sit down in front of a screen, our brains go into alpha state, which makes us 200 times more suggestible.

We need therefore to be dehypnotized.

Helen Basinger is a certified master clinical hypnotherapist specializing in just this kind of transformational hypnosis.

“I see my job as more dehypnotizing rather than hypnotizing,” says Helen. “It’s waking people up from old programming and allowing them to be their true selves”

Helen has transitioned from classic suggestion-based hypnotherapy toward working with the energy of emotions: helping people to release trauma, negative beliefs and attachments so that they can be truly free.

As we go through life, we can collect all this stuff that blocks the loving, joyful, peaceful self that is naturally within. When we operate out of guilt, sadness, anger and anxiety, that's not who we are, it’s what we’ve accumulated, which can manifest as addictions, depression, anxiety and general “stuckness.”

It does not have to be this way, says Helen. It’s possible to completely release these negative energy blocks.

“I'm not interested in controlling my clients. I'm just leading them toward feelings, and using a process I developed called Emotional Alchemy, to transmute those unhelpful negative emotions they have accumulated. These are usually rooted in childhood and so I help them heal their inner child at the same time.”

It doesn't take long before her clients don't feel the same sense of sadness, anger, anxiety, or need for the self-medication of addiction anymore, says Helen. They feel a sense of gratitude and peace. Victims of trauma can move forward bravely into the future unencumbered by what previously held them back.

Helen says her clients often don’t know what to expect when they come to her, but they all want to feel better. Her style of hypnotherapy is very effective and anybody can do it. She’s developed a technique that works and she teaches others how to do it in online weekend classes every few months.

“There are only so many people I can see in a day. My mission at the moment is to train more people to do what I do! Heaven knows, if there was ever a time people needed help like this, it’s now!”

Close Up Radio will feature Helen Basinger in an interview with Jim Masters on November 24th at 1pm EST

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