The UK Police’s ‘Secret Weapon’ Stopping Thieves in Their Tracks

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Welcoming expert UK Asset Tracker Mark Roche to the Smarter Technologies team as the Head of Global Risk.

Mark has helped catch more criminals with his equipment than any other company we know. ”
— Jason Hendy, Head of Serious and Organised Crime, Essex and Kent Police
RINGWOOD, UNITED KINGDOM, November 17, 2020 / -- Over the last few years, the rapid increase in attacks of high-value assets across the UK has become a cause for major concern. Of course, for any organisation to lose an asset affects their bottom line. However, the impact of organised criminal activity doesn’t stop at the high-value asset theft itself. These stolen assets are often used to fund other unlawful endeavours in the criminal underworld.

That’s why organisations are looking for new and innovative ways to combat organised crime. In these circles, Mark Roche, Head of Global Risk at Smarter Technologies, is no stranger. Roche is a highly-trained specialist, one of an elite group trained to manage high-value asset recovery operations.

With Roche heading up the division, Smarter Technologies has a 95% recovery rate for all asset recovery operations, amounting to over £5 million recovered in the last four years; organised crime groups have been arrested and clients have got their assets back. It’s no accident Roche is considered an expert asset tracker—he has the highest rate of recovery in the UK. Put simply, if an untampered, working tracker is stolen, he will find it in the exact location.

Roche's years of experience, coupled with Smarter Technologies' state-of-the-art security solutions make for the ultimate team in combatting organised crime.

Smarter Technologies’ full-service security solutions

Roche has been using Smarter Technologies’ tracking technology since it was first released: “I joined the Smarter Technologies team as I value the effectiveness of the tracking technology. In fact, I have been using Smarter Technologies’ equipment since 2007 in different roles. I was the first one ever to catch an organised crime gang when the kit was deployed in 2007.”

Smarter Technologies’ Orion Data Network and devices are able to communicate directly with the police, which is vital in ensuring successful asset recoveries.

Unlike other tracking technology in the market, Smarter Technologies offers a comprehensive crime prevention and a full range of recovery services. “We are one of the only companies that not only sell you the products, but also look to actually recover the asset. If an incident occurs, we take away some of the stress from the client by dealing with the police, all the statements and the recovery process - and even the court cases where clients would normally have to face the criminal gang - keeping clients up to date as we go along,” Roche says.

Working in partnership with the police

Roche has been involved in security operations for over 20 years, spending six years working in a covert capacity with the police. With a background in asset tracking, criminality and behaviours, it is Roche’s practical, on-the-ground experience in detection and recovery that makes him an invaluable asset to police forces around the country.

“I work with a network of police forces across the UK and Ireland. The issue is that police forces sometimes don’t have the resources to deal with asset theft. When it comes to their resource allocation and prioritisation between the theft of an asset and a case that involves potential preservation of life, the latter will always come first.” That’s where Roche steps in: “My process involves liaising with police force wherever that asset was stolen from, working with the troops on the ground and locating the tracker to a precise location. I also advise on potential criminal escape roads.”

Roche also conducts awareness training with police officers in the UK and Ireland on how to use Smarter Technologies’ equipment to implement an effective recovery.

Jason Hendy, Head of Serious and Organised Crime, Essex and Kent Police, says: “I have worked with Mark Roche for a number of years, and his application of Smarter Technologies’ equipment has had a significant impact in reducing crime and improving recovery rates. Mark has helped catch more criminals with his equipment than any other company we know. Mark is also known now as an expert tracker across many police forces and trains officers on tracking. We look forward to continuing our association to ensure we maintain our position at the forefront of detection and the successful prosecution of criminal behaviour.”

Keeping ahead of the criminals

One of Roche’s greatest strengths is that he understands criminal behaviour and the approaches they take—and uses this knowledge to stay ahead of them, not just in recovery tactics, but making criminals less likely to steal in the first place. With regards to the sophistication of the technology itself, Smarter Technologies is continually investing in research and development to keep ahead of criminals.

“In the cat-and-mouse game of fighting criminal activity, it’s our goal to always be one step ahead of the criminals. We are building and strengthening an expert team to tackle asset recoveries across the global network.”

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