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Putting A “Period” On Menstrual Inequity: How Full Stopp Created A Well-Championed Feminist Movement Worldwide

FullStopp, An India-based Student-Run Organization, Is Changing The Stigma Surrounding Menstrual Hygiene And Changing Lives Worldwide

KOLKATA, INDIA, November 16, 2020 / -- Menstrual Hygiene has long been a taboo subject, with negative connotations, stigmas and myths closely tied to the topic. But why? One woman asked herself this question, took the answer into her own hands, and successfully prompted a worldwide movement for change. Anjali Surana, a 18-year-old girl from India, began the student-led organization in 2019. Since it’s founding, fullstopp has not only provided women with menstrual products, but they have championed a movement that has spread like wildfire to modernize and normalize the period and advocate for equality.

Every woman of menstruating age around the world knows first hand the struggles, the pain, and the embarrassment that comes along with a period, but many do not know the struggle of not having access to feminine hygiene products to manage it. Fullstopp has successfully and passionately campaigned to raise enough support to supply women in marginalized communities with over 1 million period products, covering over 100,000 period cycles. Not only has fullstopp created an access program for women in need, but they have created a sustainable way to do so by providing biodegradable and re-useable cloth pads.

Access to menstrual products is only half of the battle for menstrual inequity, education and advocacy are two vital components of the fullstopp mission. In addition to providing a means for women to manage their period; Anjali and fullstopp host Menstrual Hygiene Management sessions (MHM) for thousands of women in underprivileged schools, slums, orphanages, sex trafficking rescue homes, and NGOs across India. These sessions provide the education of the biology behind a menstrual cycle, in addition to breaking stigma and myths to educate and normalize periods.

As fullstopp’s mission has flooded through India, Anjali has been able to speak in various engagements to promote the fullstopp mission and take it global. Through speaking to the United Nations, Coca-Cola India, Tedx, and many more; Anjali was able to successfully create the call to arms for menstrual equity, which awarded her the prestigious Diana Award in 2020. While managing fullstopp, Anjali found time to write a book titled, “Not All Things Remaining Constant”, with 100% of the profits dedicated to funding fullstopp initiatives.

Expanding worldwide with chapters in the United Kingdom, Malawi, Algeria, the United States, and India; this powerful movement is just getting started. Fullstopp is always seeking help from individuals, organizations and communities worldwide to aide in their mission. A few ways to lend a helping hand include:

Volunteer - everyone has a gift that is helpful to the cause
Champion a chapter in their community
Donate - all donations will be used to provide sanitary products to underprivileged menstruators
Spread the word - talk about the work fullstopp is doing on social media
Further the conversation - normalize period talk in everyday situations (work, home, school, etc)

Through proof of concept, dedication to change, and unwavering commitment to women in underprivileged areas, Anjali’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with this worldwide movement. Every woman resonates with a positive change in the menstrual hygiene space. Every woman can empathize with period shame. Now is the time for women everywhere to stand together and change the way the world views periods.

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Fullstopp is a student-run organization dedicated to creating equality in opportunities with a focus on menstrual inequity. Founded by 16-year-old Anjali Surana, fullstopp was borne out of the realization that the menstrual hygiene space requires not only an advocate but a movement. Fullstopp’s mission is to bring awareness, advocacy, and normalcy to periods; breaking stigma and myths still held in the minds of millions. In addition to providing menstrual supplies to underprivileged women, Anjali and fullstopp host Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) sessions for women in marginalized communities to teach the biology behind periods, and management methods while busting myths and stigma surrounding the menstrual cycle. Fullstopp is a movement for positive change, aimed to normalize menstruation to become a common discussion topic, removing the stigma. Fullstopp wishes to see a day where no menstruator misses out on an education because of a phenomena as natural as menstruation.Together we can put a period on menstrual inequity



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