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The International Association of Certified ISAOs (IACI) Announces Strategic Partnership with Envoy Data Corporation

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL, UNITED STATES, November 12, 2020 / -- The International Association of Certified ISAOs (IACI) announced today a strategic global partnership with Envoy Data Corporation to integrate IACI’s ‘IACINet’ global actionable threat intelligence and defensive measures with Envoy Data’s ‘CyberWatch Security’ Threat Hunting and Vulnerability Detection services.

Cybersecurity Resilience requires moving from a reactive to a proactive security strategy that enables organizations to understand and respond to the multiple layers of risk by leveraging a trusted, coordinated and collaborative “Global Security Resilience Ecosystem”, a center-of-gravity…The International Association of Certified ISAOs (IACI) and IACINet.

IACI was founded to enable public- and private-sector organizations to reduce risk by proactively safeguarding their infrastructure and ultimately, our over-arching global infrastructure through trusted multi-directional information sharing and coordinated response within and across critical infrastructure, government and other communities…breaking down long standing barriers and silos.

Together, IACINet and CyberWatch Security empower organizations with real-time access to 'actionable' threat intelligence, information sharing capabilities and the security tools and technologies to protect multiple functions as part of an organization’s cybersecurity resilience lifecycle. Informed defenders are then empowered to protect multiple functions.

The IACINet Threat Intelligence infrastructure is a major enhancement to the way intelligence data is gathered, analyzed, anonymized, protected and shared. IACINet leverages technology to enhance automation and intelligence collection quality and capability – freeing humans up to focus on preventing, responding to and remediating risk-based identified threats and attacks.

IACINet’s proactive defense provides organizations with sustainable access to the benefits provided by the identification of global public- and private-sector risks derived from the active, real-time discovery, analysis and information sharing of 'actionable' threat intelligence and defensive measures within and across critical infrastructure, government, and other communities-of-interest supported by security resilience tools and technologies.

IACINet, leveraging open-source (OSINT), closed-source (CSINT), and IACI sensors intelligence analyzes and turns complex sets of disparate information into high-quality actionable intelligence including identification of connections, patterns, key intel and an understanding of complex criminal networks supported by information sharing and response technologies including the integration of threat hunting and vulnerability detection services, provided by CyberWatch Security.

IACI’s integration of Strategic Partners’ Managed Security Services, such as CyberWatch Security’s Threat Hunting and Vulnerability Detection Service, provides organizations with the needed tools and technologies to further operationalize the capability to directly correlate IACINet ”actionable” threat intelligence, defensive measures and technologies to their internal infrastructure, servers, workstations and networks.

Managed by the IACI-CERT, IACINet is comprised of the IACINet Global Threat Intelligence “Engine” providing automated or manual access to Actionable Intelligence Information Sharing; Indicators-of-Compromise (IOCs) Correlation, Enhancement and Event Correlation; Data Visualization & Reporting; Dynamic Real-Time Blocklists from IACI Sensors, Credential/Keyword Monitoring, E-Mail Domain Monitoring; Fraud Detection & Monitoring, Proactive Ransomware Service, 24/7 Accessible Web-Based Intelligence Metrics & Security Tools, Secure Encrypted Communications, and Daily Security Situational Awareness Advisories, Alerts, Reports, Intel Metrics Reports, Vulnerability Reports, and discounted Analysts Services.

CyberWatch Security – CyberWatch Threat Hunting and Vulnerability Management including integration of IACINet intelligence provides the capability for organizations to gain a holistic view into their infrastructure and visibility into the Tactic’s, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) of hacking organizations. CyberWatch provides organizations with the backend SIEM infrastructure, and threat hunting and vulnerability management services to detect, investigate and remediate potential or successful attacks on systems, networks and applications. The CyberWatch managed SIEM removes the need for costly complex integration, involved training and management of technicians, and required hardware and software. CyberWatch enables organizations to quickly operationalize strategically focused cybersecurity dashboards.

The median dwell time for attackers to reside on an organizational network is months, simply because the organization is overwhelmed by the amount of event data. The CyberWatch patented SEIM technology allows CyberWatch Security analysts to distill those salient events into a series of “bread- crumbs” that will give an organization the capability of reducing dwell time exponentially. Within the NIST framework for Cybersecurity, there are two types of technologies defined, those being protective and detective. CyberWatch Security provides organizations with both of these technologies in a cost-effective approach.

“Envoy Data is very excited to partner with IACI to support IACI Collaborative Partners (Members). This partnership allows for a combined solution to proactively guard against zero day exploits as they occur, resulting in a lower mean time to detection (MTTD) for IACI Members.” said Jeff Ciraulo, President of Envoy Data.

“We’re thrilled to establish this partnership with Envoy Data as one of IACI’s Strategic Managed Security Partners to integrate both IACINet and CyberWatch to arm all of IACI’s Collaborative Partners (Members) across critical infrastructure, government, Information Sharing and Analysis Operations (ISAOs & ISACs), and other communities with access to threat hunting and vulnerability detection services.” said Deborah Kobza, Founder and President/CEO of IACI.

About Envoy Data Corporation

Envoy Data Corporation “CyberWatch Security” is a fully featured managed security service provider specializing in threat hunting, cybersecurity center operations management, zero-trust network access solutions and virtual Chief Information Security Officer services.

Envoy Data, headquartered in Gilbert, AZ is an industry-leading solution provider of IT security solutions and manufacturer of industrial storage products, offering cutting-edge products in encryption, network security, IoT security and solid-state storage.

About The International Association of Certified ISAOs (IACI)

IACI and an extensive threat intelligence center, the IACI-CERT are headquartered at NASA/Kennedy Space Center, FL. IACI is an authorized Information Sharing Analysis Organization (ISAO) by the 2015 U.S. Presidential Executive Order 13691 and Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) providing information sharing privacy, liability and civil liberties protections.

IACI is the trusted “Center-of-Gravity” for the global community to enable security resiliency planning, integrate IACINet all-hazards threat intelligence information sharing and response coordination operationalized by best practices, education, and discounted managed security services. IACI coordinates and collaborates with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) via the DHS and IACI Cybersecurity Information Sharing Collaboration Agreement (CISCA).

IACI also assists in operationalizing information sharing & analysis internal and external capabilities for organizations and communities - moving quickly from concept to operations.

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International Association of Certified ISAOs (IACI)
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