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GoGo Quinoa announces higher quality standards with its Royal Quinoa ®

Raising the bar for quality quinoa

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, November 5, 2020 / -- GoGo Quinoa, specialists of nutritious, tasty, and eco-responsible plant-based products, announces their continued commitment to upholding the quality standards regarding Royal Quinoa ® in Canada.

Royal Quinoa ® is a special variety of premium seed that originates from Bolivia. As opposed to other, lower-quality varieties of quinoa, Royal Quinoa stands out for having a larger grain, fluffier texture, and a deliciously nutty taste. It’s lower levels of saponine mean that the flavour is also less bitter. As a complete plant-based protein it is the perfect accompaniment to any meal, providing more fibre, and a higher nutritional profile than other similar grains.

“Quality standards are still not established in Canada for quinoa and you can find the best and worst on the market today. By using the highest standards used by the Bolivian authorities for our Quinoa Royal ®, we guarantee our clients of the best culinary experience possible,” says Martin Bilodeau, founder, and CEO of GoGo Quinoa.

GoGo Quinoa’s Royal Quinoa ® has been deemed the highest quality in Canada for a simple reason: at every stage of the process-- from growing the plant, harvesting the grain, processing, and packaging -- they treat their quinoa with the respect it deserves. Known as the ‘Mother of All Grains’ by the Incas, quinoa carries with it a long tradition of nourishment and health. GoGo Quinoa’s continual commitment to the quality of their product is what sets them apart from the competition. With 70% of the grains bigger than 1.7mm and 30% between 1.4mm and 1.7mm, their quinoa grains have recently been confirmed to be able to absorb more water than other quinoa brands on the market, reaching an expansion rate of 3.8 times its original size. The colour of each grain is also more consistent, having a pearled surface that is found only in high-quality quinoa. With a larger grain, smoother and less bitter taste, more enjoyable mouthfeel, and lighter texture, each meal made with GoGo Quinoa’s Royal Quinoa is a treat. Enjoy the best quinoa there is with our Quinoa Royal. The name says it all: when it comes to taste and texture, you will be royally served!

After 17 years of providing the highest quality standards for the quinoa they sell, GoGo Quinoa’s announcement is backed by the guarantee that their product continues to set the industry standards for quinoa in Canada. As a leader in the plant-based industry, GoGo Quinoa recognizes the importance of constantly improving their products, while still ensuring that consumer price and environmental sustainability remain a top priority.

Taste the well-being!

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