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Liinea shares the secrets of successful sales communication and fast selling

Sales communication is always important for startups, but now, when the coronavirus crisis changes the economic situation, the competition is becoming harder.

LONDON, UK, October 16, 2020 / -- Sales communication is always important for startups and business ideas, but now, when the coronavirus crisis changes the economic situation, the competition is becoming harder. Liinea shares the 5 secrets of effective sales communication and fast selling the business ideas.

Persuading and influencing people is the main purpose of every sales communication. To reach this purpose the salespeople should construct the most effective and appropriate way of interaction. This is dialogue, - highlights Liinea sales expert Karina Collis.
Many salespeople forget about dialogue, and their interaction with loyal clients has mostly monological form. To speak and not to hear, not to consider customers’ needs, to neglect eye contact and body language, - all of these acts prevent from persuading the loyal client and selling the idea (or product, service etc).


The first and the main rule of effective communication is listening. Business communication is effective only when it’s dialogical. Sometimes different discussions appear. It’s necessary not only to say the opinion, but also to hear and respect the customer’s opinion.

2.Eye contact

The second rule is eye contact. Looking at the eyes of the individual makes the interaction more interactive. In the loyal customer’s subconscious it’s like a sign of trust, honesty and confidence, that’s why he/she receives eye contact positively.

3.Using gestures effectively

The third is using gestures effectively. A salesperson should be a confident person, and with the gestures he/she expresses this confidence. Straight posture, using hands in the moment of explaining something, a honest welcoming smile, - all of these gestures are positive and helpful for successful communication.

4.Acknowledging the loyal client

The fourth is acknowledging the loyal client. When a salesperson knows who he/she is communicating with, the interaction will be more effective and the chances to sell something will increase. That's why it’ll be useful to know more about the client’s company and to prepare for the meeting.

5.Body language

And last, but not least, is body language. Non-verbal communication matters, because people express their feelings and emotions with postures, positions, motions. Many people don’t control their body language, but salespeople must. When a person stays with crossed hands, other people may think that this person doesn’t want to communicate. It’s necessary to demonstrate confidence, openness, positiveness etc.

Karina Collis
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