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Global Dawoodi Bohra Faith Feeds the Hungry on World Food Day

On World Food Day, Dawoodi Bohras all over the world provide food, financial support and volunteers to local food banks.

Dawoodi Bohra volunteers in San Jose, USA pack kiwis for Second Harvest Food Bank.

Bohras Continue Daily Campaign for Zero Hunger and Eliminating Food Waste

The Dawoodi Bohras believe that nobody should go to bed hungry, and that is why Project Rise provides food, financial support, and volunteers to food banks all over the world on a regular basis.”
— Yusuf Hakimuddin
WASHINGTON, DC, USA, October 16, 2020 / -- Members of the Dawoodi Bohra faith around the world are today marking United Nations World Food Day by supporting vulnerable members of society in numerous cities where Bohras live and work.

As part of Project Rise – a global initiative established to improve the lives of the less fortunate among us – the Dawoodi Bohras are engaging in a wide range of local activities to provide practical help to the hungry and homeless. Project Rise takes its inspiration from the teachings of Islam and the Prophetic traditions, which instruct Muslims to work for the betterment of others.

Yusuf Hakimuddin, a member of Project Rise, said “The Dawoodi Bohras have always believed that nobody should go to bed hungry, and that is why - as part of Project Rise - we provide food, financial support, and willing volunteers to food banks all over the world on a regular basis. But this year, World Food Day falls during the COVID-19 pandemic, reminding us that the numbers of homeless, hungry and malnourished people are increasing in every city in the world. Bohras everywhere want to help.”

Everywhere in the world that Dawoodi Bohras live, action is being taken today:

In Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata and other parts of India, students from MSB Educational Institutes have organized virtual seminars and initiated poster-making competitions to create awareness regarding global hunger and food wastage, and to show appreciation for Food Heroes. Food banks have been set up at numerous locations to distribute cooked meals and dry rations to those in need.

In London, Bohras are hosting a food drive supported by members of the faith in aid of a local food bank.

Bohras from across the United States - including California, Washington, Texas, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois and Michigan - are donating and distributing many thousands of pounds of food to vulnerable families and volunteering to serve hot meals to people in homeless shelters.

Similarly, in Australia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Middle East & East Africa, Bohras have undertaken a host of activities to promote food security and spread the message of Zero Hunger.

And - earlier this week - Bohras from Toronto provided turkeys to homeless shelters to help them celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving.

Every year, students and alumni of the international chain of 24 MSB Educational Institutes join forces to help relieve hunger and malnutrition. Huzaifa Kukshiwala, Grade 9 student of MSB Educational Institute in Mumbai, said, “The COVID-19 crisis has been a time to reflect on how we produce food and make our food systems more resilient, robust and sustainable. Collectively – through a range of sustained efforts – we can build a world where everyone has enough of the right kinds of food to eat.”

Mr. Hakimuddin continued, “As well as tackling hunger and malnutrition, Bohras also take very seriously the need to reduce food waste. A huge global issue, Bohras have been striving to eliminate this problem within their communities by cooking, serving and taking only what is needed.”

All activities on World Food Day are being undertaken with strict adherence to COVID-19 restrictions, including social distancing, wearing masks, and maintaining high standards of hygiene.

About the Dawoodi Bohras
Dawoodi Bohras are Muslims hailing mainly from West India. With approximately one million members around the world, Bohras strive to play important roles in their local societies. Many of the values at the core of the Bohra faith - including eradicating poverty and hunger, improving health and education, female empowerment, avoiding waste, and preserving the natural environment - align very closely with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. For centuries, Bohras around the world have been living their lives according to these principles, regularly taking practical action to support members of society who most need help.

About Project Rise
Project Rise was initially launched in India to help alleviate hunger in some of the poorest parts of the country; significantly raise health and nutrition levels of children and mothers suffering from severe malnutrition; and provide mothers, caregivers and local health workers with disease prevention techniques. In partnership with government bodies and local organizations around the world, Project Rise’s upliftment programs now span a range of policy areas, including healthcare, nutrition, sanitation and hygiene, environmental responsibility and conservation, and education.

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Dawoodi Bohra students call for Zero Hunger on World Food Day 2020