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Simpleway C1 Auto Foaming Hand Washer considers it all. Hygiene and social distancing have never been more important

LONDON, UK, October 15, 2020 / -- 15th October is Global Handwashing Day – this is a worldwide initiative. Handwashing is the most simple and effective way of preventing illness and the spreading of germs. One of the main ways to protect yourself is to wash your hands regularly, especially after visiting public transport, shops and other public places.

The better way to wash your hands is via an automatic soap dispenser. Automatic soap dispensers are convenient and more hygienic than other methods that can house bacteria. Simpleway C1 Auto Foaming Hand Washer relies on the built-in infrared sensor to automatically dispense the foam without pressing or touching the bottle. You only need to place your hands below the outlet, and it takes only 0.25 seconds to dispense a predetermined amount of hand sanitizer automatically.

These types of non-contact hand washing methods do not leave stains on the bottle and do not require physical contact with the dispenser, which currently is the best way to avoid bacterial cross-infection between users. Traditional liquid pumps are prone to cross-infection, users often have trouble pressing pumps, and empty pumps are often not securely attachable to holsters or stands. To prevent the spread of the epidemic even further, we need to wash our hands more, but we also need to wash our hands using more sanitary and hygienic methods, which is why it is more reassuring to use Simpleway C1 in public and highly-trafficked places.

Simpleway C1 chooses the amino acid surfactant certified by the European Union COSMOS. It uses natural organic materials as raw materials and coconut oil extracts. Coconut oil extracts are known to have mild cleaning, sterilization and moisturizing effects when used on a daily basis, and the use of natural organic materials in liquid and foaming hand washers is becoming ever more prevalent as more and more people are picking up the trend of using natural and organic products in their everyday lives.

Simpleway C1 also added glycerin and coconut oil skin care ingredients to obtain a hand sanitizer with good condition, no hand injury and a moisturizing effect. After countless brands of synthetic soaps, hand sanitizers, and foaming hand washers, Simpleway C1 has no obvious sticky or dry feeling after washing your hands, most often seen with synthetic soaps and hand dispensers.

Soap dispensers and foaming hand washers often required very simplistic designs to make it suitable for any interior space, in the kitchen, the bathroom or any other public space, and Simpleway C1 fits the bill. The rich foam can clean hands while being easier to rinse without leaving any foam behind as the dispenser reasonably controls the amount of foam released at any given time. Each 300ml bottle of Simpleway C1 can be used 440 times and can serve an entire family for 55 days.

With the Simpleway C1, washing hands will become more convenient and hygienic. More information on the Simpleway C1 Auto Foaming hand washer, please click here:

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