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Jazz Mafia teams up with W. Kamau Bell and non-profit organizations across the country to inspire action in the weeks leading up to the 2020 Election.

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA , USA, October 13, 2020 / -- Every Friday from September 11th until Election Day 2020, Jazz Mafia will release a new song from its election-inspired album Say Something, Do Something featuring over 100 artists. Each song release is paired with an action endorsed by change organizations highlighted in Talk Boring to Me, which breaks down the many relevant social issues we face today. These topics are also addressed on W. Kamau Bell’s Emmy award-winning original series United Shades of America on CNN. Partner organizations include ACLU, Fair Count, DonorsChoose, Gig Workers Rising and others. Every week, a new song will be coupled with a Talk Boring To Me episode as well as action(s) endorsed by a partner change organization to inspire people to DO SOMETHING.

“As 2019 wound down I started conversations with many of my core collaborators about the upcoming election and the urgent need to take action. Artists have been at the core of so many of our nation's critical social movements and political crises. Our country is more divided now than at any time in recent history and we need to find alternative ways to reach the hearts and minds of the citizens of our country. People hear their government talking all the time but they listen and feel the music. Good songs possess the magic to change people's emotions. With "Say Something, Do Something" we were directly inspired by artists like Stevie Wonder who've managed to take strong stances on socio-political issues while at the same time enclosing those sometimes hard to swallow messages in brilliant, catchy, inspiring songs.
-Adam Theis, Director, Jazz Mafia

The album's most ambitious collaboration, Tunnel Vision is the musical culmination of the Say Something, Do Something album. This inspiring song holds the vision for a bright future no matter what obstacles arise, and in every step of its creation, represents the importance of each and every voice.

The foundation of the track began as a collaboration between Otis McDonald and Adam Theis, who then handed it over to co-producers Trance Thompson and Soulati to write the chorus. After that, 24 all-star vocalists were sent a short statement about the intention of the piece, an audio of the chorus, and a sparse instrumental demo. Each world-class vocalist was tasked to write and record one or two phrases with no creative limitations. Incredibly, without hearing any of the others, these parts yielded a beautiful continuity when put together. To complete Jazz Mafia's largest scale writing collaboration to date, Matt Wong composed the horn and string arrangement, which each musician received and recorded from home.

The music video of this song will be released alongside the full Say Something, Do Something album on 10/30/20.

Talk Boring to Me is a Jacob Kornbluth Production, visualized by Idle Hands Studios, written by Jacob Kornbluth and W. Kamau Bell, presented by W. Kamau Bell, produced by W. Kamau Bell, Kelly Rafferty, Lisa Kleiner Chanoff, and Elena Chavez Quezada, with music by Strikecast Audio. Funded by the Walter and Elise Haas Fund and the Chavez Family Foundation, the series was developed as a tool to educate viewers about the myriad issues impacting the US right now.

Jazz Mafia
Founded in 2000 by trombonist, bassist, composer, arranger and producer Adam Theis – Jazz Mafia is an eclectic artist collective of forward-thinking and accomplished players in Electro, Hip-Hop, World, Classical, and Jazz. Twenty years in the making, Jazz Mafia is a prolific staple of the quintessential San Francisco sound, uniting creative and accomplished Bay Area instrumentalists, vocalists, MCs, composers, and arrangers.

Jazz Mafia recently launched a Patreon in response to COVID-19, offering weekly livestreams (Jazz Mafia Tuesdays) and exclusive releases. The collective’s newest band, hybrid-string band Cosa Nostra Strings, released its debut self-titled album on October 22.

Jazz Mafia first worked with Bell as the house band in Oakland Symphony’s W. Kamau Bell's Playlist in 2018.

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