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Personal trainer launches new program to empower pandemic-stressed women

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Meaghan McElroen's mission is to empower women everywhere, regardless of shape, size or circumstance.

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Meaghan McElroen is a wellness coach and personal trainer living in California.

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The Meaghan Method aims to empower and uplift women who struggle with unhealthy eating habits and body issues.

Meaghan McElroen wants to end the suffering and jumpstart self confidence—all from the comfort of your own home.

I want women of all shapes and sizes to be celebrated.”
— Meaghan McElroen
FAIRFIELD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 13, 2020 / -- It’s no secret that the pandemic has caused a global increase in overeating, weight gain and general inactivity. A mountain of stories on this topic have been published in outlets ranging from NPR to The New York Times to Psychology Today. In a July survey published in the International Journal of Eating Disorders, 30% of Americans with binge-eating disorders reported an increase in episodes. Other reports show that increased use of social media during the pandemic has eroded women's self esteem in regards to their bodies. Unfortunately, personal trainer and emotional eating coach Meaghan McElroen saw this coming.

“During the pandemic, the vast majority of us have experienced high levels of anxiety, frustration and boredom at times. When we experience these things, we reach for a familiar source of happiness. There’s a reason they call it comfort food,” she says. Women worldwide have been overeating to cope with the pandemic. Decreased levels of activity, closed fitness centers and increased time streaming movies and scrolling through Instagram have all contributed to pandemic-related stress... And a nose dive in female confidence.

McElroen feels a kinship with these suffering women, as she once struggled with dieting and weight loss herself. “I used to be an emotional eater,” she shares. “I know what it’s like to stand in front of the fridge at night, scarfing down whatever you can find so that you can distract yourself into thinking you’re happy, safe, secure, whatever. I used to be plagued by the question: Will I ever be happy with my body and the way I eat?”

To overcome her personal struggle, McElroen spent years studying the root causes of binge eating, weight gain and negative body image. She is now a wellness coach and personal trainer certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She’s developed a sustainable approach to health and happiness—and it doesn’t involve aggressive exercise regimes, scales or swearing off cupcakes.

“If you deny yourself what you love, it’ll just backfire and lead to unhealthy thoughts and habits. Instead, I teach women to eat what they love and to truly examine their feelings around food. I teach them to enjoy exercise because it turns their bodies into pillars of strength. And I teach them that happiness does not lie in achieving Instagram perfection. With this mindset, I’ve had clients lose 50 or 60 pounds over two years… without taking over 2,000 steps a day. But most importantly, they are happier in their own skin.”

McElroen is happy to help you lose weight and get ripped, if that’s what you want. But unlike many trainers, she won’t push you to acquire the typical gym physique. When you go to her website (, you’ll notice something right off the bat: No women in teeny bikinis. No tiny waists encircled with measuring tape. “I wanted to create a safe space where women felt encouraged, supported and uplifted,” She explains. “As long as you’re healthy and happy, that’s all that matters. If you want to work out and be muscular, great. If you don’t, great. I want women of all shapes and sizes to be celebrated.”

McElroen offers a free course and a free downloadable guide on conquering the diet mentality. She also offers what she calls “Mind Over Meltdown,” a private coaching program in which she teaches women how to transform unhealthy eating habits. Her virtual personal training program, “The Final Breakthrough,” is based on acquiring strength, power, confidence, and most importantly, a feeling of freedom. Her premium online course will teach students how to revolutionize their eating habits. It launches in November of this year.

“Everything I offer is based on one goal: to empower and embolden through self love,” she says emphatically. “More than ever before, women everywhere feel guilty about what’s on their plates and what they see in the mirror. They feel alone and full of shame, thinking they’ll never look good enough, they’ll never get it right. And on top of that, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic.” She gazes out the window. “My dream is to be the little voice in their heads saying, ‘You’re not alone. You deserve to feel awesome. You can do this.’”

About The Meaghan Method:
The Meaghan Method is a personal wellness company dedicated to creating healthy lifestyles without strict diets or exhausting exercise routines. It was founded by Meaghan McElroen, a wellness coach and personal trainer certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. McElroen’s website offers a free course and a free downloadable guide for those struggling with unhealthy eating habits. She also offers private coaching sessions to transform eating habits and a virtual personal training program designed to build power, confidence and self love. McElroen’s upcoming online course, Ditch the Diet, aims to eliminate the diet mentality. The course launches in November 2020.

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