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Organize Knitting, Sewing and Crafting Supplies with StoreSMART’s Plastic Storage Pockets

Organize Knitting, Sewing and Crafting Supplies with StoreSMART’s Plastic Storage Pockets

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 12, 2020 / -- For Immediate Release
Contact: Stan Feingold, StoreSMART, 180 Metro Park, Rochester, NY 14623
Organize Knitting, Sewing and Crafting Supplies with StoreSMART’s Plastic Storage Pockets
Untangle your crafting supplies—and frazzled nerves—with StoreSMART’s new suite of storage pockets. Keep all your knitting, sewing, crocheting, and embroidery supplies neat and organized. Use these pockets to create a storage system tailored to your supply needs and crafting space.

StoreSMART founder and CEO Reenie Feingold, a self-confessed crafting addict, finds knitting and other crafts have been especially soothing during these challenging times. “Crafting can be a great form of relaxation,” says Feingold, “but a tangled mess of yarn, knitting needles, stitch markers, and misplaced patterns is frustrating.” To help crafters keep pattern stashes, yarn, and notions from getting out of control, Reenie created an innovative plastic pocket storage collection.

StoreSMART’s durable, crystal-clear storage pouches are reasonably priced and available in a variety of handy sizes and styles. Among them:

Multi-Pocket Zipper Binder Pages — These vinyl binder pages with multiple compartments make it easy to organize all your tools and supplies in one place. Secure your supplies with the resealable zipper, and then store the pockets in a 3-ring binder. Don’t let your supplies create a knotted mess in your project bags. These newly designed pages will keep your supplies neat, organized, and easy to find.

“An easy and convenient way to store and organize my double pointed needles. The plastic is strong. I like the separate sections that allow access to one set of needles at a time.” – Denise | Indianapolis, IN

Single Pocket Zipper Binder Pages — Each resealable pocket is ideal for knitting needles, crochet hooks, paintbrushes, bias tape markers, scissors, and other hard-to-house crafting tools. Instead of letting your supplies bend or break, keep them neat and organized in one of these pages!

“Very happy with the zip top storage, was very surprised at how fast my order arrived. Recommending to all my peeps.” – Ange | Nova Scotia, Canada

Multi-Pocket Binder Pages with Flaps — These pages contain multiple pockets with weatherproof flaps to keep all your notions in place. Hunt no more for lost buttons or needles! Organize your projects with ease in three-ring binders.

Plastic Pattern Keepers — The crystal-clear front, back, and interior pockets of these folders are the perfect size for 8 ½" x 11" sheets. They give you the ability to store and protect patterns instantly. Instead of letting your favorite patterns become a crinkled mess, keep them neat and organized in their own folders. Made from archival glare-free polypropylene material for extra-long wear. Works with dry erase markers so you can check off where you are on the pattern, then wipe it off when you are done! Three folders in each pack: Maroon, Green, and Blue.

“Great for storing loose patterns or to keep patterns in the desired sequence.” – Merle | New York, NY

Peel & Stick Label Holders — These heavy-duty crystal-clear pockets, with aggressive adhesive backing, are great for labeling bins or boxes. Never wonder again which size needle, hook, or notions are inside your storage container. Works great for labeling what is inside the Craft Binder Pages as well. They are a fantastic solution for a tricky labeling problem!


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