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HIP Video Promo presents: YSN Hazel releases two heated new music videos "Outsiders" & "Up & Down"

YSN Hazel

YSN Hazel - Outsiders

YSN Hazel - Up & Down

But speaking of low, some dude stalks the edge of the property. An ex? A wannabe? Whatever, Hazel stalks the porch, ready to get crazy if anyone gets close

ATLANTA, GA, USA, October 8, 2020 / -- Son of Moultrie, Georgia, YSN Hazel’s got a soulful rasp that comes from up on high, but don’t get it twisted, because this singer and rapper came up from nothing. He’s only looking forward, though, because with single after single hitting, the man’s got no time for the rear view. He first turned heads when he killed it and took home First in T.I’s open mic at Atlanta’s Apache Cafe. It was his unique blend of styles and his love for the legends that set him apart then, and sets him apart now. He’s got a little bit of OutKast, some Field Mob, and when he lets loose, there’s a whole lot of Michael, Sam Cooke, and New Edition going on. Now he’s working with Grammy nominated producer Cash Clay (Migos’ platinum-selling Culture) and super producer Renzy808. Part of Southern powerhouse Got Ta Know Enterprizes, YSN Hazel is back with more fire and a word of caution on “Outsiders.”

Built around a perfect, simple, jazzy guitar lick, “Outsiders” is the sound of a cool-breeze Southern evening spent with The One. It’s a classic love song, us-against-the-world, sung to his true love. It’s one of strength, of unity, of the confidence that accompanies knowing that what you’ve got is what you’ve always wanted. And yes, it’s a ballad, a slow dance, a soulful stroll through the best of R&B, but pay attention to what he is saying about those treacherous outsiders. It’s a warning shot to anyone and everyone trying to come in between Hazel and his dream girl. He’s letting her know how much she means to him, and what he's willing to do to prevent folks from messing that up. The track itself may be warm and inviting -- but outsiders best stay where they belong.

What better place to get away with from all those outsiders than a beautiful Southern Gothic house, far from the noise of the city, but especially the noise of troublemakers? Director Juan Galarza captured Hazel and his girl lounging, not a care in the world, as the sun sinks low. But speaking of low, some dude stalks the edge of the property. An ex? A wannabe? Whatever, Hazel stalks the porch, ready to get crazy if anyone gets close. The way he sings, the look in his eyes, you know this is an artist who believes and lives by every word he pens, every note he sings.

A heartfelt groove about the trials and tribulations that Hazel’s faced as a young black man, “Up & Down” is the perfect showcase for his lyrical depth and vocal range. Hazel rhymes and sings with the courage and control of a much more seasoned musician. But that experience you hear in his voice didn’t just come from nowhere. The top, the bottom, he’s already seen it all, and it’s all right here in this song. Hazel’s presence is about all this video has room for, so director Juan Galarza left him alone to let his natural charisma run the show. You’ve got to know what being up and being down really means to be able to write a song like this. Throw on "Up & Down" the next time you need some inspiration.

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