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Brittany Golden Ballwin Identifies the Importance of Pet CPR

BALLWIN, MO, UNITED STATES , October 6, 2020 / -- Grooming a pet can be stressful for dogs and cats alike. In addition to stress, it can be dangerous. It’s why Pet CPR not only exists but is critical for every groomer to have. By having a groomer that knows Pet CPR, it can make it easier to address issues as they arise. Tactics taught in a certification class can mean the difference between life and death.

Brittany Golden Missouri is a master groomer in St Louis with a certification in pet CPR and first aid. She has identified a number of ways in which an animal can be injured during the grooming process. Dogs can be cut or nicked when their hair is being cut. Their nails can be cut too short, leading to reaching the quick. When any of these happen, it can lead to significant blood loss.

It isn’t just blood loss, however. Brittany Golden Missouri explains that pets of any age can go into shock when they are being groomed. In some instances, stress and anxiety can be too much for them to handle. Brittany Golden Ballwin has also shared stories where pets were older and had heart attacks while being groomed. Additionally, there may be other issues that a groomer won’t know about until later on – such as tumors, moles, and others that can be disrupted while being groomed.

Pet owners should identify any underlying health problems that a pet has prior to being groomed. However, not all pet owners do – and not all pet owners are aware of health problems, explains Brittany Golden Missouri. This leaves the groomer to be surprised by how a pet reacts – and having pet CPR certification can make it easier to address the problems should they arise.

Pet CPR, specifically, is a technique used in emergencies if an animal has no heartbeat and stops breathing. It involves using chest compressions as well as rescue breathing. It is commonly referred to as mouth-to-snout resuscitation, which can be utilized in cats and dogs, explains Brittany Golden Ballwin.
Various organizations will provide pet CPR certification. One of the most popular organizations is the Red Cross. There are classes for CPR as well as first-aid. It can be provided online or in person. For many, it is beneficial to receive the in-person training as it provides the opportunity to get hands-on experience. Brittany Golden Missouri has found it extremely beneficial to have the certification. While she hasn’t had to use it while grooming an animal, she has had to use it while visiting friends who had pets.

Brittany Golden Missouri urges every pet owner to ask about pet CPR certification when choosing a groomer to ensure that they have the capability of dealing with any emergency situation that might arise.

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