Cultured organic ghee: A safe dairy delight for food-sensitive people’s diet

organic cultured ghee

cultured organic ghee | Milkio foods

organic cultured ghee

organic cultured ghee

cultured grass fed ghee

cultured grass fed ghee | Milkio Foods

Milkio Food has launched cultured organic ghee. Prepared from organic cultured butter, cultured ghee is lactose-free & safe for dairy sensitive people’s diet.

Milkio's Cultured organic ghee is a non-GMO product and its’ Organic and Non-GMO claim is officially endorsed by BioGro, New Zealand”
— Milkio Foods
HAMILTON, AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, October 2, 2020 / -- Cultured ghee is a unique clarified butter where instead of preparing it from milk butter, manufacturers prepare it from cultured butter. Milkio has launched cultured butter ghee for its global market, which severely lactose intolerants will find safe to consume. Cultured ghee contains lactic acid which neither invokes food sensitivity nor lactose allergy for dairy sensitive people.

Milkio has launched the cultured ghee under the brand name in two exclusive assortments: these are Cultured Organic Grass-fed ghee and Cultured Grass-fed ghee. Manufactured in New Zealand, Milkio Cultured organic ghee is 100% natural, pure, and high aroma products that are shelf friendly, which is an advantage for buyers. They can buy Milkio ghee in bulk for their kitchen. Milkio's Organic Cultured ghee is a non-GMO product and it’ organic and Non-GMO claim is officially endorsed by BioGro, NZ, one of the leading organic certifiers of New Zealand.

The lactic acid in cultured ghee plays a vital role in producing antibacterial elements as a corollary and therefore endorse a healthy milieu for the digestive tract: this soothing effect is the reason cultured butter ghee acts as a probiotic supplement if taken in moderation. Milkio Foods claims that cultured ghee produced by Milkio offers better digestive support and it is safe for the consumption of lactose-intolerant people. According to world statistics by NIH (National Institute of Health, USA) as 65% of the world population is lactose intolerant, the inclusion of good quality cultured butter ghee is safer for dairy eating. It is much needed in staple-diet to get a natural immunity boost for staying stable from infections and pollutants around.

Dairy experts have summarized some health benefits of cultured ghee. These are,

• Helpful for digestion,
• Reduces inflammation of the body
• The higher smoke point is a definite advantage for cooking
• Offers natural support for safe weight loss.
• Good for brain health and eyesight.
• Promotes bone health and keeps bone joints flexible.

Culinary enthusiasts have tried Milkio cultured ghee in several cooking methods. You can also try the dairy for
• Spread on toast
• Deep-Frying
• Gourmet Baking
• Sautéed veggies
• Dairy-free lattes
Are you a Keto or Paleo diet fan? Milkio ghee is Keto and Paleo-friendly dairy, which you can safely add in your diet plan.

New business start-ups, enthusiastic to start a dairy business, can contact Milkio Food for the private label business opportunity. Milkio Foods is already in the contract manufacturing business, which is an advantage for entrepreneurs to start their dairy business without maintaining a full-fledged manufacturing unit. Milkio products are well packages and ready to travel all across the world.

Milkio grass-fed ghee products are available presently in:

• Consumer Pack - 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml
• Horeca - 5L, 10 L, 20L plastic tubs and 15kg tins, etc.
• B2B - 210 Kg steel drums and 1 MT bulk packs

Milkio grass-fed ghee is now available in Australia, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Chile, Egypt, China, and New Zealand, and in the USA.

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