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Nicole Coustier, Founder of Aurelian Coaching and the Working Widow Program to be Featured on Close Up Radio

VALLEJO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2020 / -- Forward thinking management of your mindset can be applied to great success in a professional environment, but also a personal one.

Nicole Coustier is a certified executive performance and life coach and the founder of Aurelian Coaching, where she helps professionals embrace their expertise and confidently manage tough situations to pull off their best victories to date.

“My coaching is different than some of the other leadership development firms in that I focus exclusively on the leadership mindset,” says Nicole. “Your mindset influences so much of your emotion and so much of your behavior on the job, so how do you use that mindset to achieve the goals you're striving for?”

Whether you’re a senior manager, VP with their eyes on the C-suite, or at the highest executive levels already, you can benefit from the support of Nicole Coustier. Nicole describes her clients as “achievers:” ambitious, talented, accomplished, natural problem solvers, but they're stumbling. They’re anxious about job security, how to perform well in their jobs under these unprecedented conditions, or about integration of family and home life, perhaps for the first time ever. Nicole teaches these achievers that they can manage the discomfort of growth and the weighty responsibilities of true leadership in an emotionally healthy way.

“These are people who have therapists, but it isn’t working the way they need it to,” says Nicole. “These are people who say: ‘Give me a plan, I'll follow the plan.’ That's more of what life coaching offers, which is why I integrate it into my leadership development practice.”

When Nicole’s husband passed away in March of 2017, and after she had gone through grief counseling and therapy, she found life coaching and it changed everything.

“Life coaching was about moving forward,” recalls Nicole. “Life coaching, and this concept of global thinking, managing your mindset, and being proactive in life, allowed me to go from being a directionless widow in March to opening my own firm the following January.”

Today, Nicole offers a Working Widow program for women just like her.

“I’ve met widows who 20 years later still feel stuck and don’t feel like they can move forward,” says Nicole. “What we learn through life coaching is that external circumstances are what they are, so can we open up some more options for ourselves? Why can't we be productive and healthy despite the miserable situation we might find ourselves in?

“Women want to embrace their future. They want to figure out who they are without their partner, flex their empowerment muscles and get in touch with their own wisdom,” says Nicole. “What I like to teach people, both my executives and my widows, is that you are fundamentally capable of embracing your expertise and building a new future for yourself while honoring your past.”

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