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Soji: Luxury Self-Cleaning Towel with Japanese craftsmanship and Pure Silver to Eliminate Bacteria and Viruses


Introducing the softest and cleanest towel ever made.


Experience a fresh and clean towel after every shower.


These antimicrobial towels are made with natural silver-coated fibers proven to eliminate 99.9% of bacterial growth. Designed to protect you and your loved ones.

The Soji towel promises to be the softest and cleanest towel ever made, already fully funded on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter

Soji is so soft and clean that we’ll never use another towel again. And we’re betting that backers on Kickstarter will feel the same way.”
— Emma Livington

HONG KONG, HONG KONG, December 26, 2020 / -- The Soji team is pleased to announce that after over a year of development, it has launched on Kickstarter and exceeded its funding goal. The Soji towel line consists of bath towels and hand towels woven with antimicrobial silver. Soji eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus, allergens, and more on contact.

Soji’s antimicrobial power is 100% natural, safe, and permanent. Silver is woven directly into the cotton fibers, so the anti-microbial effect will never fade or wash away.

Soji is not the first antimicrobial towel, but the Soji team claims that it is the softest. Made from long-staple bamboo cotton, widely regarded as the softest cotton on Earth, Soji offers backers the opportunity to take home the same luxurious comfort found in towels at 5-star hotels. Now, consumers won’t have to choose between being clean or being comfortable when they leave the shower.

“Is it too much to ask to have a clean and comfortable towel?” asked Emma Livington, Soji PR Lead. “We don’t think so, but we couldn’t find one on the market that met our standards. We made Soji because we wanted the fresh feel of a truly clean towel after every shower. And we sourced Bamboo cotton because, hey, we deserve the best, right? Soji is so soft and clean that we’ll never use another towel again. And we’re betting that backers on Kickstarter will feel the same way.” Find Soji at to get yours today.

The average bath towel contains over 450 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Without near-daily washing, this bacteria will find its way onto your skin after every use. Soji eliminates the threat of acne breakouts, allergies, and illness with its antimicrobial protection.

Real silver fibers eliminate 99.9% of microbial life and prevent it from replicating. Soji is guaranteed to be sterile for every use, even without regular washing. Because towel odors are caused by mold and bacteria, Soji will remain odor-free for life. Silver also renders the towel completely hypoallergenic for those with sensitive skin and sinuses.

In addition to staying clean forever, silver supports skin health. It has been shown to reduce wrinkles and age lines by promoting skin elasticity. It also reduces inflammation—a common cause of acne, skin discoloration, and dermatitis.

Silver is woven into every thread of Soji’s Bamboo cotton, an incredibly fine cotton varietal that has also has anti-microbial properties. Soji is densely woven twice as densely as normal towels (600 GSM) to deliver a soft, plush sensation normally found in blankets.

Users are encouraged to use Soji as more than just a towel. Soji is oversized for additional comfort, and it won’t pick up any harmful bacteria if used in bed, on the sofa with pets, or at picnics in the park.

Soji may feel like a blanket, but it works better than a normal towel. Bamboo cotton is hyper-absorbent, so users will be able to dry off faster after a bath or shower. This also prevents wet and slippery floors. Soji itself also dries 3 times faster than other towels thanks to its breathable twisted-yarn weave.

Soji is machine washable for easy care. It can be washed even at high temperatures without risking damage or degrading its softness. In fact, Soji’s open-air weave ensures that it will get softer with every wash and become more comfortable over time.

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About Soji

Soji was designed and manufactured by a small international team of entrepreneurs and textile specialists. The team is currently based in Hong Kong and hoping to open a USA office upon the success of their first crowdfunding campaign.

Soji was founded in 2019 by two partners who were shocked to learn just how dirty bath towels were after just a few days of use. They set out immediately to replace their towels with antimicrobial ones. But, their new towels were stiff and uncomfortable.

After months of searching, they realized that there wasn’t a towel that was both resistant to bacteria and comfortable (especially on sensitive skin). So, they decided to make one.

After months of designs and relationship-building across the globe, the founders combined premium silver with the world’s most comfortable cotton to make the first luxury antimicrobial towel, Soji.

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Soji: Self-Cleaning and Silver-Infused Bamboo Towel