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The in What Cases a Car Accident Lawyer is Needed

On a yearly basis, approximately 1.35 million people die in a car crash and up to 50 million suffer from non-fatal injuries as a result of an accident.

MIAMI, USA, September 15, 2020 / -- Having a car accident is a traumatic and costly experience. You need to fill in insurance claims and determine fault. If you were injured in a car accident you will definitely need some time to heal, both mentally and physically. A car accident injury might leave you (partially) disabled for the rest of your life. Having a car accident attorney may help you get compensation and – most importantly – closure.

Having an auto accident injury

Of course, there are all kinds of car crashes and all kind of car crash injuries. Your injury depends on:

- the kind of crash (frontal, side, back);
- your location in the car;
- whether or not you were wearing a seatbelt;
- the force of the accident, which mainly depends on the speed of your car.

Some of the most common car accident injuries are a whiplash, a concussion, bone fractures and all kinds of muscle injuries. Moreover, a mental injury can be just as serious as a physical one. Emotional injuries also need professional treatment and can be hard to recover from. If a car crash leads to an emotional trauma, it can even disable someone from working.

Car accident injuries and compensation

Car crash injuries cause great economic losses. Not only cost of treatment and damage to the car, but also lost income due to permanent or temporary disabilities. Family member might need to take time of work as well, to take car of you if your injuries are serious. However, as soon as you make an injury claim at an insurance company, a team of lawyers will start to evaluate your claim right away. They can make it heard on you to get sufficient compensation for all the lost money. An insurance company wants to spend as less money as possible on each case. These lawyers spend their days finding ways to deny claims or pay out just a small amount of money.

The advantage of having a car accident injury lawyer

A car accident attorney can level the playing ground with the insurance company, as they will defend your case and make sure you get what you deserve. This car injury lawyer knows your legal rights and knows what tricks insurance company attorneys use to set you up with just a few bucks or even deny your claim. With a lawyer on your side, you force the insurance company into costs as they will need to defend their case. Therefore, if you have a car accident injury lawyer, an insurance company is more likely to settle on a higher compensation.

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