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Leann Wolff of Power of Self to be Featured on Close Up Radio

WEMBLEY, ALBERTA, CANADA, September 14, 2020 / -- When we try to force ourselves to be someone we’re not, our body breaks down from resistance. If we could just honor our strength, we can begin to stand in our own unique frequency.

After 10 years as a branch manager at a financial institution, Leann Wolff simply could not endure the rat race any longer.

“When you're a woman, there are so many expectations of you that there comes a point where the physical body says enough is enough,” says Leann.

Leann walked away from a very lucrative career to care for herself and recognized she had a calling she would need to honor. Today, Leann is the founder of Power of Self where she helps her clients break through what’s holding them back and move into self-mastery.

“My clients are on a mission to find themselves,” says Leann. “Too often we dumb down our strengths to make ourselves conform to what people are expecting from us. I give them the permission to actually be themselves and know the power of their frequency.”

Mastering your own frequency means being your authentic self all day long. Leann helps people master their own frequency using a tool called “The Human Design System.”

“To become the self-reflected conscious being we are all designed to be, it is important to understand the mechanics of our frequency. Once we understand just how powerful we are, the life can be experienced in a new way,” says Leann. “Now that I know my Human Design, I understand myself at a very deep level.”

Human Designs combines ancient science, Astrology, The Chinese I’CHing, Kabbalah Tree of Life and the Hindu Chakra system and marries it with today's science of quantum physics and biomechanics.

The fundamental teaching of the system is decision making. Decision-making is not a mental process. It comes from your inner guidance, this frequency that's inside of you.

“The four keystones of the Human Design system are peace, satisfaction, complete awe and surprise of the world, and success,” says Leann. “Happiness is a mental process. Human design teaches you move from your own inner frequency because it is about you.”

Leann contributes to her clients’ growth and self-awareness through online playshops and in-person coaching.

“I am here to empower people so they can recognize themselves in every situation they are attracting,” says Leann. “I want people to be so empowered that they don't feel like they need a guru, they are the guru.”

Close Up Radio will feature Leann Wolff in an interview with Jim Masters on September 16th at 1pm EDT

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