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"Covid-19 has Changed Society," says Former Deputy Undersecretary for Science & Technology, Homeland Security

Daniel Gerstein is among eight distinguished speakers you can see for free at 'Living with Covid-19' on September 30.

Limits on in-person interactions require new approaches to keep society functioning and the economy running”
— Daniel Gerstein, former Deputy Undersecretary, Homeland Security
NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, September 22, 2020 / -- COVID-19 has changed the way billions of people live and work. When the threat has passed, society will not be the same.

That is the analysis of Daniel M. Gerstein, Deputy Undersecretary of Science and Technology of Homeland Security (ret). "Limits on in-person interactions require new approaches to keep society functioning and the economy running," says Dr. Gerstein, a RAND Corporation analyst and biodefense expert.

Some Covid-19 solutions will draw on advanced science, others will be relatively low-tech. Most will require diverse skills and talents. Developing and managing the rights to these risk-mitigating products, services and processes presents a unique challenge for healthcare providers, consumers, and businesses alike. Not only are medical researchers needed to help identify and address outbreaks, but so are inventors, entrepreneurs, and other innovative thinkers.

A two-panel forum, Living with 'Covid-19: Identifying, Solving, and Sharing Work-Life Solutions,' is being presented by the Institute for Business Innovation (IBI) at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and the Center for Intellectual Property Understanding (CIPU). The multidisciplinary forum will draw upon experts in a range of fields, such as engineering, public health, intellectual property, industrial design, economics, policy, and venture capital, to address these and other questions:

- Preventing/curing Covid-19 vs identifying/developing ways to live with it
- Prioritizing virus-related innovation and entrepreneurship
- The role of government and private investment
- Sharing, collaboration, and intellectual property rights

This two-panel webinar will take place on Wednesday, September 30th, 10:30am-1:00pm PT/ 1:30-4:00pm ET/ 7:30-10:00pm CEST. It will raise questions, share information and pose challenges. Audience questions are encouraged.

"This national emergency will eventually end," explains Dr. Gerstein, "but the longer it lasts, the less likely that the pre-pandemic business-as-usual ways will return. Businesses that were teetering on the brink will likely not survive. The continued use of virtual interactions in some nontraditional settings such as in schools, work, and medicine will likely continue. Going back to the old ways of long commutes may not be as desirable when one will be able to interact just as effectively without being physically in the same space."

"What's needed are creative approaches to protecting those who are vulnerable, while keeping our society functioning and economy running. One possible solution might be the improvement of two key tasks: diagnostics and the grouping of populations."

Distinguished speakers include:

- Daniel Marti, Vice-Chair, Global Innovation Policy Center; Director of Policy, RELX; former White House IP Enforcement Director
- Charles Cicchetti, Managing Director, Berkeley Research Group;
Former Deputy Director of the Energy and Environmental Policy Center at Harvard University
- Randy Howder, Managing Director, Gensler, global architectural design firm
- Adam Mossoff, Professor of Law & George Mason, Chairman, IP Forum, Hudson Institute; Board Member, CIPU
- Gary Lauder, Venture Capitalist and Technology Investor, Lauder Partners
- Rhonda Shrader, Executive Director, Berkeley Haas Entrepreneurship Program
- Dan Brown, 'InstaShield' inventor; 40+ issued patents; Professor of Engineering Design, Northwestern University

For the program highlights and speaker biographies, go here.


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